Elavated Blood Cell Count

Hi guy’s,I went to an endocrinologist to get my hormones evaluated and moreover get a clean bill of health. My Bio-testosterone was low and he prescribed a protocal to bring-up to a medium to Hi-normal,but prior to this he ordered a cbc Complete Blood Count. The next few day’s i received a call?. The receptionist said either my Red,or white,or both blood platlet count’s where evalated and are in the Hi-Normal range. I have been using testosterone Enanthate for the last 2,or 3 year’s in a shot or two a month.I heard of bodybuilder’s requiring a blood drawing.I.E. donating blood to keep the hi bllod level’s down,as hi thick blood can impair circulation and lead to a heart attack. I didn’t think that i as a result of using a vial a month needed to be conscerned.I am lucky the Dr. made me aware of this condition??? Has anyone else ever had this problem and what did you do to rectify the condition.My other dr.said the life of a blood cell is 90-120day’s and if i don’t use any testosterone,the condition will fix itself. thank’s john

You can try a TRT dose of 100mg/week and see if your hematocrit normalizes. Inject 50mg twice a week SC. See the protocol for injections sticky.

“a shot or two a month” seems insane

Some older guys have high hematocrit with the above.

If hematocrit or RBC it too high, you cannot donate blood.

What were your E2 levels?
Do you use an AI?
What were your [liver] ALT and AST levels?

Get the lab report and post with ranges.


What was your actual value? My RBC/HGB/HCT are slightly above range and none of my various doctors seem too concerned about it.

You can donate blood when your hematocrit is high. I do it at the Red Cross all the time and my hematocrit runs about 51.