Either this DHEA is Wack or……

Maybe you were all right. I’m still geeking, not even sleeping much but since l cried on here about not being able to gain, I’ve put on12lbs and still seem to be like 4% bf. I’m severely overtraining at this point I’m sure as my performance isn’t really improving, I just down enough m*th/preworkout/nootropics that I feel like working out and boom I’m out in the yard shadow boxing or dling or sprinting…. Even cup stacking at night. Went from 132 to 144lb,
Am downing a good bit of whey, tons of collagen 1’ n 3, just tons of real food and when it’s breakfast I have a whole dark chocolate bar and when it’s savory stuff ibdouse it with an extra 500cal olive oil. I noticed especially today that I really am getting pretty beat lifting all day tho, I was shadow boxing and usually im waaaay snappier. Hoping to just go run the ladder and sumo dl a couple sets of triples and then im going to bed. Seriously tho these results shouldn’t be possible even with like tren……

Well. That’ll put some pep in your step.

DHEA doesn’t typically have much kick to it. Maybe a little overall but not much.

And then…

What could possibly go wrong?

I’m no expert but… I’m thinking these two things just may be related.


Did you read tho? I’m on all kinds of stims, nootropics for days and since starting to just down tons of food+whey in the morning and night w milk(for slower digestion? Or does that not matter) and obv after workouts, I’ve put on muscle like I’m on tren or some shit……I’m honestly wondering if Amazon sold me spiked dhea. You can see in pics I don’t have an oz of fat on me yet I’ve gained 12lbs in probably less than 2 weeks and it’s my understanding that’s not even close to possible without some craaaaaazy stack of hardcore roids. I don’t know, my bud was gonna try this shit too but he has been caught up w family shit so I’ve just been getting fucking yoooooked,‘overtraining like crazy(I mean, I’m doing depth jumps and /sprints, heavy triples every day, for a week now according to apple fitness lmao)

EDIT: in case anyone is wondering it’s the 240 count bottles of 100mg dhea from nutricost. Besides that I’m on like 2 preworkouts, lots of collagen 1 and 3 peptides and tons of omega 3s, 7g creatine or so(might make sense as I’m fuxking going 300%…. Hope the whole type 2 overshoot phenomenon works out and I become Uber strong lol)

Edit2: oh for now protein powder is just muscle milk pro series, ran out of dymatize hydro whey and saw I could get the muscle milk at the grocery store and on EBT to boot lol…. Prolly gonna keep some around just for night time unless there’s an even slower digesting protein than the casein in this?)

You need to contact the rehab facility you recently left and tell them you want to come back.


I bet this will help take your nighttime cup stacking skills to a whole new level.