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Eitelmj (Matt's) Progress


Well, it's been about 7 months since I started on T-Dawg 2 and work out programs regularly at the gym.

I started out at 76 inches, 295lbs, 44.7% body fat.

I began with T-Dawg 2 and the Big Boy Basics programs (I used it for 12 weeks). After a LOT of reading on the site (lurking mostly), I then started to develope my own program. I now do split training:

Mon: Chest/Bicep
Tue: Back/Tricep
Wed: HIIT Cardio
Thu: Shoulder/Ab
Fri: Leg/Lower Back
Sat: Light Cardio
Sun: Rest

I eat rougly 150g carbs (a little off of T-Dawg), 390g protein, and the rest from fat for about 2400 calories a day.

Currently I am down 6 inches in my waist, I nolonger have "rolls" on my back/sides, and am down to 247lbs, 22.04% body fat.

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone from T-Nation, you guys really helped a lot with information and motivation, whether you know it or not.

Although I don't have any pictures from when I started, I do have updated pictures from today that I took. I'm going to try to update this thread monthly from now until I get to a place where I feel like I'm nolonger a beginner.

Thanks a million guys, here's how far I've come.


44.6% bodyfat must be off. That is ridiculous? Where did you get that tested?


I am guessing that the pic is the current 22% down from 44%.

Awesome work. You have come a long way.

What sort of weight are you aiming for?


I was tested at the hospital both times in some kind of tank of water.


If you were over 40% bf before then that is an awesome weightloss.

Well done!


Wow... 44%. I'm sure that's right, due to the type of testing you had, but that's pretty obese. You're surrent picture doesn't look anything like 22%, but I'm no expert. I would find a couple other ways to measure BF and compare them. www.fittogether.net has a good measurement tool.

As for your workout- you have some interesting pairings. I'm not a big fan of split routines. I much prefer full body workouts, but if you're going to do a plit at least pair up opposing exercises. Example- you're first day was chest and bicep? Where is the opposition? It would be better to do chest/back and the next day do bicep/tricep. Again, I'm not a fan of split routines so I could be way off. I've just always read opposing exercises are better.


I'm a bit confused. Do you think I'm higher or lower than that?

The reason I used this split was because I work for full muscle failure on each workout for maximum hypertrophy. Not working opposing muscle groups has allowed me to get great strength gains and fat loss.

I don't have the most amount of time in the gym with work and traffic in the DC area, so working 2 major muscle groups (back/chest) would just be too much time per day.

It may not be the best way, but it's what has been working for me... which I guess is the only thing that really matters.


Absolutely correct!

If you find the one best workout for your body, but don't stick with it, it won't be nearly as good as a decent workout that you will stick with.

Great job on losing all of that fat!

Keep at it and keep us posted on your progress.


Awesome work bro, Keep it up



I was thinking less actually. Possibly around 16-18%, especially if that gut of yours is pushed all the way out. If you are sucking it in and still look like that, maybe 22% isn't too far off.

I never said full body was "better" than split, just that I like it more. I can see why you're not doing opposing exercises and it makes sense. Full body would be tough for you anyway as you go to the gym every day. You would only be able to go 3-4 days a week on a full body or you'd get burnt out.

Good job and keep up the good work!

On a different topic... how has T-Dawg been treating you? Looks like you're doing well, but have adapted T-dawg to work for you. Can I ask what specific changes you've made and why?


Not sucking it in at all. I've got some pretty big love handles on my back still that I've really got to take care of that is probably making my % jump a bit.

I plan to start wearing a neoprene belt during my workouts this week to try to heat the tissue there to help induce fat loss in those areas.

Has anyone had any luck with this or care to refute whether or not it works? Would be great to know if I'm wasting my time or not.


Basically, when I first started the diet I would crave sugar a lot. At first I just thought that my body was needing to get rid of the habit of having it, but I was actually craving more carbs for a reason.

After ignoring it for about a month I felt to feel really drained and weak all the time and consulted a nutritionist. Basically he told me that I was lacking sachryn(sp?)or something... can't remember exactly, but it was missing from my blood, which was the cause of me feeling blah.

I told him what I was doing and he told me to slowly increase my sugar intake until I lost the cravings.

I increased by 5g per day until I nolonger felt that way. Just ended up that 150g was my magic number.