Eight Keys, Dave Tate

Just went through the article(s), and the routine at the end looks good. But i dont know what some of the excercises are. Can anyone clear them up? Thanks, they are: JM Press, Ball Press and Good Morning squats(are these some sorta half good morning, half squat thing?).


The JM Press is a combination of a close grip bench press and a tricep extension(skull crusher). Sometimes it helps to have others explain things; so from Jim Wendler at Elite:

Ok, here’s the one everyone has been waiting for. Notice the position of the bar. This is the same position it is lowered from and pushed back to. The elbows are tucked and shoulder rotation is minimized. The grip that is used is a close to medium grip (thumb distance from the smooth part of the bar). The most important thing to remember is the JM Press is a triceps exercise. If you do not feel it in your triceps, you are doing the exercise wrong so DON’T DO IT."

I also found this description on another website:


The JM Press is similar to both a close-grip bench press and triceps extension (aka French Press), and lies inbetween them. Think of it as a close-grip bench in which the bar is brought to a point just above the upper chest/lower face (the length of your arms will determine this). The upper arms are kept at a 45 degree angle from your torso.

NB : The bar should move in a straight line up and down. In order to minimise shoulder involvement (and keep the workload on the triceps, as designed), keep the elbows tucked in. The bar is raised by straightening the arms, not by pushing with the shoulders.[/i]

I also found this right here on T-nation:


The search feature is a wonderful thing.

Elitefts.com has a wonderful exercise index…Check it out.

GM Squat: Simply go as deep into a GM and then roll back and down into a rock bottom squat position and squat out of the hole. I’ve found these are great for 1) Getting used to recovering from when you get pulled/tipped forward on a big squat 2) VMO development if you do them with a fairly close stance.

Ball press MIGHT simply be pressing on a swiss ball, but don’t quote me on it.

Alright thanks alot for the help guys. Has anyone done this program? what was it like? Im thinkin of starting it soon, but im a little worried about the possibility of not having a spotter for the max lifts.

The exercise index on elitefts has pics and explanations of all the exercises

IMO you shouldn’t bother with these two exercises.

The groove on the JM press is really hard to find and cheating is very easy. Unless you have a training partner/coach that can direct you, stick with other heavy tricep movements.

The GM Squat is also one of those that unless you’re very advanced you would be better off with other choices for ME.

FWIW Wendler’s new “Beginner Template” skips both of these exercises.


I followed the traditional Westside for almost 8 months, I only stopped because I was bored. I do not have the space or equipment to do a large variety of lifts, so I ended up just rotating 4 or 5 movements the entire time (not ideal).

I didn’t have a spotter either, most of the time. Just find exercises that don’t require them. If you can drop the weight, it’s a good exercise.

Deadlifts, Zerchers, Front squats, and most other movements where you are holding dumbbells are good for leg day.

Bench day is harder. Try DB presses for a 3RM. Dips and weighted pushups are also good. Overhead presses are good if you have a tall area, or can lift outside.

Save the squats and benches for when you have a spot, otherwise don’t do a true 1RM. It sucks when you get pushed forward on a max squat attempt, and have to slide the weight down your shiny new weight bench (Not that I have done that, no way).

When/if you decide to start, be prepared to make rapid increases in strength. Have fun. Later.

Actually I think GM/squats are recommended mainly for beginners as a way to the body to lift as a unit (or something to that effect). I don’t think many advanced lifters use it and I personally wouldn’t want to use a lot of weight with it.