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Ehh.. weight gain that doesn't make sense

I’ve been bulking for the last two months or so, and I am gaining weight, yet at a slightly alarming rate-i.e. 2-3 lbs. a week, I think. I was previously in a starvation type eating disorder thing, and I’m now eating 3000 cals a day @ 5’7 130. My diet has increased in terms of amounts of protein and fat, and decreased in carbohydrates, plus big rises in fiber. I’m just wondering what the deal is here…total weight gain: 11-12 lbs.

Also, in regards to cutting, is this a good idea while going through SuperStrength/ Limping, or would it be better to bulk through these programs?

How old are you?

After a long time of starvation your body is quite often open to a sudden growth spurt once food starts flowing, not to mention the added water weight which comes with it. Considering your previous weight, the growth of 5kg (12#) seems like something your body has been wanting to do for a while. You’ve just given it the stimulus and rescources to do it.

Actually, it has happened to a few people I know. If it doesn’t subside soon though, perhaps your calories might be too high for your motabolism (sp?), but I find that unlikely at 3000cal.

2-3 lbs / week on a bulk phase is not alarming! It’s impressive! You should be very very pleased.

Don’t do Limping/Superstrength while cutting. They’re too taxing on your muscles and nervous system, and if you’re hypercaloric you won’t get the strength or hypertrophic gains, and you’re recovery will be shit.

Lone you need to get the I am getting fat thing out of your head allready. Bulk for a while.

Yes your body is going to store some fat right off the bat to get it back up to a more natural level befor it begins to build muscle. As well as since you were starving your self it will want to store even more with the excess calories. After it realizes you arent going to starve it again your metabolism will straighten out.

So no DONT FREAKING CUTT!! If you do you will just give your body exactly what it is expecting and will depress your metabolism again. Let alone you wont get any of the muscle gains that you want so much. Give your body some time to adjust.

Hope that Helps


Went through the same thing about 1 year ago. Starved down to 129, which was dumb, and then gained some good mass. Ended up gaining about 30 lbs all total. I gained 8 lbs really fast! Then, things kinda slowed down to a regular rate. I had to realize, though, that by going on such a drastic drop in cals, i had messed up my metabolism as a result of losing too much LBM. Just keep monitoring your bf %, and keep it in check. Good luck!

Congrats dude!!

You’re making excellent progress. After what you’ve done to your body to get small, everything in your body is primed for gaining. That’s not very scientific, but it’s the truth.

Don’t even think about cutting for a while. Keep doing what you’re doing, and my guess is that by about the time you roll around 150-160 you’ll actually look leaner than you do now.

Cutting is for fat people, not you,

Use your rational mind to battle the irrational attitude that weight gain doesn’t make sense. You went on a bulking diet, so it MAKES SENSE to gain weight. Especially when you were previously under-eating.

Don’t even THINK about cutting, at your age and weight. Your body’s gonna need some fat to fuel the massive growth of the next few years. If accurate, reliable bodyfat measurements (as opposed to paranoia) show your bodyfat climbing above, say 18%, then adjust your calories or workouts slightly to achieve maintenance at that level.

what wee you like a buck-05 before you started? if i weighed 130 id be eating twelve thousand calories per day.

yeah but if ya weighed 130 and ate 12000 cals a day, the only workouts you’d be getting would be gettin up and down off the toilet…hmmm…screw box squats, i think i just invented toilet squats! Squats for those 12000cals/day bulking cycles!

I started at about 120 around Jan. 1, now at a little over 130, I think. I’m not really getting obsessive about it, I was just thinking maybe I wanted to cut just to show myself that I could, then resume bulking with a clear mind. Anyways, I’m pretty sure that short of someone announcing a shirtless day at school, I’ll continue to bulk.

Anybody can cut. It’s not that hard. There’s no reason you can’t but there are plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t-read on:

I realize this comment was slightly sarcastic, but here you go again thinking that bulking is gonna make you look like shit.

Getting skinnier is gonna make you look like shit. If you cut now and they had a shirtless day at school, people would be like “wow, lobo’s lookin skinny.”

I saw your pics kid, and I think your body fat level is a lot below what others were saying. I think you’re way below 10 percent. The reason you have no cuts is because you have no muscle. You can’t have valleys without mountains.

Now if you keep bulking, by the time you’re about 160, you’ll be able to see some definition (probably). By the end of high school you’ll be 180-190, ripped and the chicks will talk about you, man; trust me. All the other guys in your class are gonna look like ugly ass neanderthals compared to you.

You need more muscle bro.

End of story,

Listen to Ryan. That’s all I can say.

I like Ryan. Then again, I like most people that tell me the chicks will go wild.

That’s what it’s all about, right? Stop all notions that you should cut, and you’ll really like me when you have some muscle.

You’re kickin’ ass so far bro,

This is just a further testament to what Ryan was saying and is not meant to put you down. Cutting is not just for special people. It’s not like some people were “born to cut” and others were “born to bulk”. Yes genetics and bodytype do play a role (much more for some than others), but when it really comes down to it it’s all a matter of science (kcals, macronutrient ratios, progressive overload, etc.). Go for the mass man. I wish I’d had T-mag and know what you do about bulking now when I was 15 (right age?). You’ve got so much time ahead of you to cut…