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ehat makes the grass grow?--BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD

Hey T-men,

OK I admit it. Sometimes I lift a little too hard. I love it! Here’s the problem. What I have noticed is everytime I start a good lifting routine I always start having frequent bloody noises! I mean 2-3 time a day without any provacation at all. I am not a coke head and I am not using aspirin or anything that could pump up my blood pressure. Once i stop the intense training sessions my “flow” returns to normal. Does anyone have anything that can help me here? Although it is kinda t-like to walk around with a bloody paper towel hanging out of my noise its not that fun!

i have pretty much the same problem, just not quite as bad. whenever i try to break my old 1 rep max for bench i almost always get a bloody nose. im only 18 so i dont think its blood pressure or anything like that but all ive found is that if you squeeze your nose together for 60 seconds it will stop bleeding and you can get back to working out. the nose squeeze works about 1000X better than a paper towel cause it only takes minute, sometimes less and there no mess. hope this helped

If I remember correctly, this could be an iron deficiency. You may want to take an iron supplement, and up your red meat intake. A doctors visit may be order too.

obviously, during excercise, blood pressure increases (um, i think thats why peoples faces have a tendancy to go scarlet) - lets say your doing squats:
the blood vessels which return blood to the heart (ie, veins) use ‘veinous return’, to pump blood back to the heart. One of the ways in which this is achieved is through utilising skeletal muscular contractions, and putting semi-lunar valves along the vein. so, when a contraction occurs, a valve closes - preventing backflow - and blood is pushed back to the heart. For example, in the squats, the polpetial vein, ascends to become the femoral vein, and occupies the middle compartment of the femoral sheath. so when you squat, the muscles around it shorten and expand, and squeeze the blood back to the heart. because there is so much musculature in your legs, the pressure generated is really quite high. This probably accounts for the high blood pressure…
so far as clotting the nose-bleed goes, have you tried holding your head back (to stop blood draining out by gravity), and breathing in through your nose (to allow the air to facilitate clotting of the blood, and to prevent further bleeding)? as was already suggested, pinching it is very very effective.

Go get your nose cauterize, I had the same problem but after having my nose cauterized I have had no more bloody noses. Only bad thing is that you might not be able to lift for a week, or breathe with all the packing.

Thanks a bunch. My nosebleeds go away on their own normally with just sniffing it back up. But I think I will go see the doc just to make sure everything is alright and to look into cauterizing.