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EgyptianBulk's Log

Hi Gents

    For you who followed my posts in the nutrition forum I just lost 71 lbs for a company biggest loser competition in 72 days. I am currently at 261 18% bf. I already have been lifting for 10 years and established shot putter and rugby prop both at international level

My next goal is 242 at 10-12% in 12 weeks

I am pretty much an easy gainer so the moment i start eating maintennce plus calories and lift heavy I gain at least 5-6 lbs LBM in a week.
Before I do that I have to lose the rest of the tyre round my waste.

My current diet is
750 calories below maintenance (3500 calories)
split 50% protein (red meat chicken and whey) 40% fat(animal fat+EVOO+ Omega3&6) and 10% carbs through grean veggies and 3 toasts in the morning)

My training program is very simple
all multijoint movements (except for bi and tri)
I lift every other day with a full body split
Bench press 310-12(alternate with Incline BP)
Bent Rows 3
10-12(Alternate with Lat pull downs)
Squat 310-12(alternate with superset quad extension&stiff leg dl)
BB Military Press 3
10-12(alternate with upright row)
BB Curls3*!0-12(alternate with alternting db curls)
Tri pressdown310-12(alternate with skull crushers)
Standing calf raises 3
10-12(alternate with sitting calf machine)
Crunches 3*failure alternate with hanging leg raises

every day I walk 25 minutes to work and back
on the non lifting days I will do 20 minutes of stretching+ 30 minutes HIIT(BW excercises)

Criticism is more than welcome