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Egypt Erupting


Watch live now. Curfew has been imposed,Protestors ignore it,Set fire to APC and start setting fire on govt. building. Insane.


Live shots have now been fired.


What are they rioting over?


Apparently their "President" has been in power for over 40 years and theyre fed up with the corruption. Its been said that people have been tortured and illegally detained over the years and the president doesn't want to leave office. Insane stuff. Were watching a war live.


Cool, thanks for the details.


The government of Egypt goes against all American principals yet is propped up by the US government. It is long past time for a change there but I do not expect the next government to be any better. Not a very good track record in that part of the world.


The Egyptian government shut down the Internet and some of the mobile phone networks. North Africa is erupting after the Tunisian example. Even Jordan is worried read the UK papers. US papers play it down.


Joe Biden says the Egyptian President is not a dictator. Great job Joe, I guess all the people who live there are all wrong. Where is Ryan McCarter with his studies disproving real-world knowledge.



i was actually watching the stream earlier this morning; crazy stuff.


I think he went back to school, you know, so he can learn more from his liberal professors about how the real world works and then come back and tell us all off. Quite a kid....quite a kid.


It's Iran 1979, all over again.

Mubarak is a rough guy, but he has sat on the lid of the Muslim Brotherhood who want to impose sharia law on the secular/moderate muslims, kill the Christian Copts, and start a war with Israel.

The Muslim Brotherhood is the minority, but is armed, well-funded by Iran, and insane. They will win, if not crushed by the military.

The good-meaning secular students and other people protesting are going to be the first victims of this new regime.

Israel's embassy is evacuated. Tanks are surrounding the embassies of USA and Canada.

I'm in what would be called in the USA "ready reserves" --- and have been told to come back to Israel and be prepared for duty. I saw this coming three weeks ago and started putting things in place.

All of my daughters have reported for duty, including my 17 year old baby.

Almost certainly, this will lead to a regional war, unless Mubarack can smash this down.

It's Obama's time to see if he's really Jimmy Carter's second term. Given his inaction to date, I am sure that will be the case.

I guess this time Israel can haul the American hostages out of the USA embassy by helo, instead of waiting 444 days of captivity like last time.


Looks like Egypt just got their troops out, now the people get to get slaughtered by a dictator.

I hope the rioters burn that place to the ground.


Pay attention kiddies, for this is what happens when people are sick and tired of bullshit.

You are witnessing Thunderdome.


I happen to be reading about the french revolution right now. Hope it goes better than that one.


That is what I am afraid of. Overthrow a tyrant and possibly get something worse. The Arab world doesn't have a good track record here.


Jewbacca nailed it. well meaning protestors overthrowing a truly nasty president, who will then be consumed by the Islamists sponsored by other dubious dictatorships. Secular protestors will then be dealt with. A la Iran 1979

I really really hope that this is not the case either in Egypt or Tunisia and that accountable democratic secular governments are allowed to form but I won't hold my breath


Fuck, and I was planning on going to Egypt soon.


President Obama calls on Egyptian government not to use violence against protesters.


This "uprising" will be quieted in 7 days, most likely 72 hours. Everyone calm down and move along.


Please pay attention to Jewbacca everyone.

I believe he is 110% correct. While I am sure Mubarack can be quite brutal, the power vacuum will be filled with jihadi scum if he falls. I understand a bit of the sentiment going around about democracy and such, but look at the bigger picture(Democracy is a very keen double-edged sword anyway).

The tacit approval of the ultra-leftists, nigh-communist POTUS is also very, very telling. We are moving into a very dangerous place indeed.