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Egoscue Method

Anybody have any experiences, good or bad, with the egoscue method (egoscue.com). I’ve heard some folks talking about it, but not a lot of feedback from practicioners or patients. is it legit or just marketing hype?

At first I thought it looked a lot like Dr. Eric Cobb’s Z-Health. But then I looked through the postural conditions they listed and got a free exercise prescription which purports to correct my muscle imbalances.

Cressey/Robertson, Waterbury, Cobb, et al do a lot of that for us right here in their articles. They have similar products and we know who they are. I didn’t see a name or any credentials on the site that would make them credible to me.

I tend to think that Dr Cobb has a more comprehensive system since Z-health addresses neuro-musculoskeletal imbalances (can you tell I bought the product?).

Perhaps a representative from the company would write an article for T-Nation and explain the similarities/differences/benefits between egoscue and Z-health?

[quote]charlie reid wrote:
Anybody have any experiences, good or bad, with the egoscue method (egoscue.com). I’ve heard some folks talking about it, but not a lot of feedback from practicioners or patients. is it legit or just marketing hype?[/quote]

I can say the online assessment did nothing for me. The routine took fucking ages and appeared to do noting.

I havent written off the method as it seems like a sound theory. Just didnt really do it for me.

First thing I want to say is I own The Egoscue Method of Kansas City.

I have worked here for 10 years. We started as only one small clinic in San Diego 30 years ago and now we have 30 clinics around the country.

The Method works differently depending on your situation. Obviously you work out or you wouldn’t be on this site. You need something specific for you. You have to understand that most people are not as active as we are. So the online menus are catered more towards them.

We all know posture and alignment are important, and there are many things out there that help people become pain free. The Egoscue Method is one more way of staying functional and active throughout your life, without the use of med and surgery.

Our creditials our the thousands of clients we have helped over the years. Most of us have a degree in some type of sport medicine. We don’t believe you need to be a doctor to help people.

If you would like more info email me.

I would be willing to offer anybody a free session to “test” it out.



^^^^ Nice offer. I saw a program about egoscue methods with Junior Seau and Gabrille Reese. It looked interesting, but I could find very little usable info (online)and the egoscue book got bad reviews on amazon.com. I would be interested in finding out more about it myself.

What kind of usable information are you looking for?

The website is there for information. If your looking for a way to apply the method its best to call a clinic. If your looking at the function workouts that Junior Seau and John Lynch did, you won’t find that on the site. You will have to contact some one.

We specialize in people with chronic pain. We do workouts also, but we specialize in fixing chronic pain. Even our workouts are geared to create more function to prevent pain. Thats why The Method works well with your current workouts.

The thing about the human body is everyone is different. So it hard to cookie cut something for everyone.

I just checked Amazon.com and the “Pain Free” book has 4.5 stars out of 5. Same with “Health through Motion”. Those are pretty good reviews.

Pain Free is also listed in the top 50 all time best sellers on Amazon.com.

Where did you see the bad reviews?

If you would like more info on how it could work for you specific issue and goals send me a private message.


As far as info, I was looking for examples of exercises to just see what the program was about. I see a whole lot more positive reviews on amazon now. It is possible I am confusing Pete’s book with another.