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I eat roughly about 4 eggs 5/7 days a week. Is this excessive or unhealthy and should I be worried about the cholesterol? From what I understood dietary cholesterol is different then body cholesterol and so it's really not that unhealthy. But anybody else?


yah i'm also confused about this topic too, so eating the yolks are perfectly fine?


There is nothing wrong with eating eggs.I know all the diet companies go on about saturated fat and losing weight,but it's just a load of crap.Our bodies actually need some saturated fat.I take 2-3 tblspoons of coconut oil every single day.It's healthy.Egg yolk won't give you health problems.I eat 4-5 eggs for breakfast 4-5 times a week.They're a perfect protein too.


my concern would not be the cholesterol or saturated fat (eating eggs is actually associated with healthy cholesterol levels). But eggs are a fairly allergenic food, and when you consume foods like that on a daily or almost-daily basis, you can actually develop an allergy to them. Same goes with soy, tomatoes, shellfish, peanuts, wheat, corn.


The cholesterol in eggs has indeed been misrepresented over the years; it's not the eveil actor we were all once told. I certainly think eating several eggs at a sitting is not a bad thing, if it's part of a well balanced diet (like many of the nutritional articles on here).

Go ahead, enjoy your eggs (and fruit, and veggies). :slightly_smiling:



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Is this true?


I believe Professor X stated in another thread that once you're out of childhood, it's very rare to develop an allergy to anything. I could be wrong though.


If you're really concerned about the yolk fat you can separate some of the yolks and eat mostly the egg white which is almost all protein. You can also look for free range or Omega-3 eggs. These have about 25-50% less saturated fat and higher omega-3 content in the yolk. They're more expensive, but eggs overall are quite cheap.


edit Nevermind. I misread what was written.


1-2 oaks will be fine; but if you are eating 9-10 whole eggs you might run into some trouble


Depends how big the egg is. Barn and caged hens' eggs, although of course its meaner on the chickens have more nutritionally dense eggs than free range. Although organic, particularly corn fed hens eggs are the best due to less chemicals and bi-products you don't want, like metabolites of anti-biotics.


I like to eat 1 yolk, and pour in cartoned egg whites to my mix, to enjoy a nice lean protein packed meal


What trouble?

When gaining, I eat 10 whole eggs for breakfast, among other things. I did run into trouble. I had to move up a size in shirts. That sucks.


Given that mammals have been dining on eggs pretty much their entire evolutionary history, and given that we're omnivorous mammals like those early mammals, I'd be very surprised if we developed an immune response to such a good food source. That would be totally counterproductive. I can imagine that a few people out there have allergies to eggs, but I can't imagine we're talking anything other than small percentages (hundreths of a percent of the population).

And I think Jinx posted this before about eating the same foods everyday--and like last time, I'll point out that most people in the world eat the same things most everyday. Most people in Asia eat rice everyday, with every meal--no rice allergies. Most people in Mexico (and the US for that matter) eat corn everyday with every meal and don't have allergies. Most people in Europe (and the US) eat wheat everyday and don't have allergies. Since the switch from hunter-gatherer diets most people around most of the world have not had the luxury of varied diets. We know from several lines of evidence that the switch to agriculture was strongly selective on human populations (that is, people not adapted to eating a few staple crops everyday died). Most of us are descendents of people who farmed a few staple crops and ate them all the time (and people who probably subsisted on pretty bad, malnourished diets at that). So we're adapted to eat the same thing everyday. Some people aren't--they have some mutation and their bodies freak out if they eat eggs everyday. But this is not a mutation that is widespread in the population or everyone on here would be complaining about egg allergies.

Now if you want to talk about allergies to GMO foods--sure, I can buy that. If your eggs are expressing some insect protein or a protein from some funky plant or bacteria, yeah, your immune system might go haywire.


People don't just "get" allergies once mature. A person might not respond heavily to an allergen when first exposed to it so it might increase the response over several exposures. This is how many patients find out they have a latex allergy. If you aren't allergic to eggs, why would you quit eating them in fear of somehow developing an allergy? That doesn't even make sense.


It's been stated, even by one of the doctors who was a proponent of the whole cholesterol scare, that dietary cholesterol has virtually no effect on blood cholesterol levels. Your liver will just make more or less cholesterol based on dietary intake. But there are a rare strain of people who do have a sensitivity to dietary cholesterol..these individuals are rare.

As far as the saturated fat..look at the label most of the fat from eggs is actually mono, only a third of it or so is saturated...but saturated fat isn't really much of an issue anyway..though it's advisable to balance your fats...throw some omega 3 (fish oil) in there somewhere.

As you may have heard there's a direct ratio between saturated (and mono) fat intake and testosterone levels. Plus eggs have the best protein profile and lecithin. As for all the egg-white fanatics..egg whites inhibit your bodies absorbtion and levels of biotin, yet there's an enzyme in the yoke which counter-acts this. Mother nature knows what the f**k she's doing lol.

If you scramble your eggs the allergenic thing is almost nil, at least relative to eating them raw.


20-40 a week, yolk included, for over a year now, and my cholesterol is perfect.


Yes, I am. I get tested yearly.


I use to eat 12 whole eggs a day. Never had problems. Blood improved actually.