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Can someone help here. I have been having trouble trying to hard boil eggs. Every time I go to peel them the shell sticks to the egg! Its driving me nuts, can anyone help. thanks

There is actually a thread on this very topic in the Renegade forum, check it out.

Explored ad nauseum, do some digging.

I’ll help your lazy ass out. As soon as you remove the eggs from the stove burner, take the pot to the sink and replace the hot water with cold water. Use just enough cold water to cover the eggs and then throw ice in the pot w/ the water. Cool the eggs as quickly as possible and the shells will slip off as easily as your sister’s panties on prom night.

from what i have learned with eggs, is that the fresher they are the more they stick. next time you go to the store double your egg order, by the end of the first week the eggs will peel in big pieces not the pain in the arse little bits.
try it, it works for me.

Put a good dose of salt in with the eggs, I don’t think salting the water raises sodium in the eggs but it dam sure makes them easier to peel.

You other dudes, lighten the fuck up; he just wants to peel his eggs.

Peel them in the sink under running water! Works for me

All this info is okay, but you’ll get better answers by doing a search.

I know, because I posted the same question about 8 months ago. Try looking for a thread with the word “eggsperts” in it.

And no, I’m not going to post it all for you here. Do the search. :slight_smile:

Try adding a tablespoon of white vinegar to the water you are boiling the eggs in. Boil the eggs for 12 minutes and then do like Eibreh said and throw some ice and cold water in the pot to cool them down.

farmerj2t is right. The fresher the eggs are the more they will stick. Try buying your eggs in advance. Besides eggs last forever anyways.

With a degree in Culinary Arts and having worked in many restaurants, I advise this: shock the eggs in an ice bath and let them cool. this will separate the shell from the white (albumen) somewhat. If you cook many at a time, then store them submerged in water and squeeze a lemon in there to avoid the white turning green (iron sulfide)…hope this helps

Thanks, I tried the salt and cold water before but still had problems. I will give the others a shot. I always like these punks who have too throw in smart ass coments.