Hi, I'm new to the sight and had a question about the quality of eggs.  I'm a college student, so like most I'm broke.  I'm trying to gain size and eat  alot, but find it hard to eat the cafeteria food.  I'm able to cook my own food, But somtimes can't eat chicken and fish and meats all the time since it is so expensive, so for dinner  I somtimes eat a whole carton of eggs,3-4 being yolks, since eggs are cheaper. Are they a complete protein and can I have that as a main protein meal? Thanks guys.

They’re perfect. What i don’t understand is why you people, especially you that are low on cash, throw away 3 grams of protein and 6 grams of good fats by sending the yolks to the thrash can…

Cholesterol…While the body does need some cholesterol (it’s essential for organ growth and protection among other things) and some studies have also shown it to be quite anabolic, too much LDL (bad) cholesterol is definitely a major concern. The general recommendation for cholesterol in the daily diet is somewhere around 300mg in the U.S. When one considers that one yolk alone has a whopping 250mg of cholesterol, it can be seen why so many people stay away from the yolks. Arnold himself even retracted his previous statement that people are dumb for throwing away the yolks in the latest edition of the Modern Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding, probably brought on by his recent heart problems.

Eggs are a great source of protien, I eat 1 dozen a day, 6 in the morning and 6 in the evening. I only use two whole eggs per serving, I ditch the other 4 yolks. So that is roughly 30g of protien per serving. However, you should be taking whey protien as well and if it’s too expensive, Optimum Nutrition 100% whey is on sale at netrition or dpsnutrition for around $25 per 5lb tub. It’s not GROW! but if your broke it will still work ok.

I absolutely agree with Restless. Also, cholesterol isn’t well understood. First of all, your own body produces far more cholesterol each day than you could possibly hope to consume. Second, the body has controls in which, when you increase your dietary cholesterol, it backs down on its own natural cholesterol production. I’d go so far as to say it’s pretty useless to monitor your daily dietary cholesterol consumption.

Well, here we go again…

First off all, i don’t care about anything Arnold says or said before. His hearth disease might also be related to his steroid use, so that’s irrelevant.

Eggs have been demonized, like saturated fats with litle fundament.
Dietary cholesterol has little if any relation to serum cholesterol, and the little effect eggs have is raising both LDL and HDL, leaving the ratio pretty much the same as it was. Most of the cholesterol is produced by the liver. I believe Bill Roberts said a while ago that it (the liver) produces 20 times more cholesterol than you eat.

Eggs are great, i eat around 6 eggs every other day.

It has been well documented that Arnold’s heart complications were/are derived from a genetic condition. His father also suffered and died from complications of this condition.

 I apologize if my response was misleading.  I wasn't attempting to bash eggs in any way or start a flame.  I was just answering the question as to why so many people throw the yolks away.  I personally eat whole eggs all the time and use a large amount of heavy whipping cream every day (which puts me WAY over the daily rec. level of cholesterol) to get my calories and fat levels up (I have an extremely high metabolism).  It's done wonders for me.  

 I'm aware that "bad" cholesterol is primarily a genetic thing, but I do believe diet has some influence over atherosclerosis (plaque build-up in the coronary-arteries).  I just have an extremely hard time believing that all those overweight men who eat sausage links like there's no tomorrow are at no greater risk for having high cholesterol than someone who eats clean day in, day out, simply because everyone's bodies produce more cholesterol than they could ever eat.  I didn't know about Arnold's father, however; as they say, learn something new every day.

“I apologize if my response was misleading. I wasn’t attempting to bash eggs in any way or start a flame.”

No need to apologize, i didn’t take it as a flame in any way.

Good for you that you eat whole eggs. I’m just getting a little crazy with this anti fat mentality that people don’t seem to be able to get rid off. I’ve lost my temper a couple of times at the gym in discussions about high carb, low fat diets being better for your health,cholesterol, etc… We’re pretty much in the midle age of nutrition IMO.

Eggs are great. If you are broke, don’t forget about our little friend tuna. I get it for $0.44 a can. It is just like chiken (not taste). I eat it all the time.

Tuna is great. Unfortunatly tuna is, like most fish, poisoned with heavy metals particulary mercury, which isn’t a good thing. I gave up on it some months ago because i don’t wanna find out what are the consequences of mercury poisoning in the long run.

Restless, I know of only one case of mercury poisoning in an adult in the last twenty years in the US… and this woman was eating nothing but tuna, 15-20 cans a day, everyday (yuck). It took her six months before she developed symptoms of mercury poisoning, and even then she was treated and had no lasting negative effects. Mercury levels in fish are primarily a concern for the very young, as their brains and bodies are still developing, and small doses of toxic substances can retard or damage that growth. Even so, a child is ‘allowed’ a tuna fish sandwich every other day or so.

as a college student as long as you regularly excercise, are takin fishoil, and get checkups. i say eat all the yolks. good fat a better protein source when including yolks, and minerals…

“It’s done wonders for me. I’m aware that “bad” cholesterol is primarily a genetic thing”

Unfortunately your wrong,

its a gene - environment (diet etc) interaction.
Reducing certain saturates can reduce cholesterol , reducing trans can reduce cholesteorl for some people reducing dietary cholesterol can.

Nephorm, point taken. Still, maybe things are not that black and white. That women had acute mercury poisoning, but for example, with something like stricnine (not shure if that’s spelled right) you can slowly build up to the letal dose with not that many noticeable simptoms, but can you say for shure it’s not damaging your health? I mean a dose that’s not enough to kill you might manifest itself through other small simptoms that you might not even associate with it. I’m not taking any risks. I don’t trust the FDA or any other of those organisms to tell me what’s safe or not. Economical interests will allways be of more importance to them than our health. Just look at the recent acrilamid “scandall”, guess what, NOTHING was done. All that crap is still in the supermarkets shelfs for kids to eat freely…But i digress, sorry for the rant.

Generally I would agree with you, Restless, but there are quite a few corporate and environmental groups that have been itching to get the tuna industry for years. There are tests being done on tuna constantly, and if mercury levels were causing ,any problems at all, they would be all over it.

Once again my statement was misunderstood (though it’s my fault; I should have what I said more clear). When I said “It’s done wonders for me”, I was referring to the fact that the added calories have done great in my quest to gain weight (as I did say, my metabolism is on over-drive). I have no clue how it’s affected my blood cholesterol levels, but I never attempted to give anyone the answer as to how blood cholesterol can be altered, nor do I pretend to even have the first clue. My original post was simply to answer the question as to why SOME people (myself not included) are scared away from egg yolks.

I’m in total agreement that there is nothing wrong with the fat in the egg yolk, however, i think the reason why most people (including myself) toss some of the yolks is because they want to reach their protein requirement for the given meal w/o going crazy with the fat. For example, a typical meal for me contains ~45 grams of protein; that’s about 7 eggs; now the fat content of 7 eggs is ~32 grams, much more than I would need for a given P + F meal. Now, I realize that having 3 eggs with a ham steak, or a lean beef steak would up the protein content of the meal, w/o adding much fat, but sometimes you just want to eat some eggs and that’s it…so you add some whites and toss some yolks. Take care,