Eggs need to be cooked to be assimilated properly, we all know that. The question I have is how much? Is a soft egg yolk as good as a hard cooked egg yolk? I want incorporate eggs into my shakes, but I need to know how far to cook them, as a soft cooked egg would blend much easier and smoother than a hard cooked egg. A little help from the science department would be appreciated. Thanks.

How about egg protein [ The dry stuff in a tub :slight_smile: ] ???

My understanding is that the problem with assimulation/cooking is strictly with the white, not the yolk. So a soft yolk is fine. I believe I remember Berardi saying the white should be cooked at least to the point of beginning to set up or congeal.

In regards to egg protein powder, they “cook” it with high heat to remove the moisture and dry it to powder so it is cooked. That has been one of the complaints with cheap egg protein powder - that they use to high heat in processing that they denature the protein and it can actually “smell” burnt.

Thanks or the info heb, I going to play around with some egg recipes.

handsome bastard: egg protein powder is nasty!!! :O=

U r right, it is :slight_smile: