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does anyone still eat raw eggs for protein? i am sick of having to cook them all the time and was wondering if its still pretty safe to just eat them raw. also, what are some other cheap ways to take in a lot of protein a day? can anyone give me a budget diet for taking in about 200g-250g of protein a day? thanks in advance

It’s best not to eat them raw as something along the odds of 1 in every 30 thousand eggs contains salmonella. That’s not a lot but still I’d hate to be that 1! As well if you eat them raw you don’t get the absorption of biotin. Probably the best thing to do is soft boil them. As for an economical 200 grams of protein per day diet:
1 gallon whole, skim or 2% milk= 128 grams protein
or buy some powdered skim milk which contains 8 grams of protein per serving and mix it into yogurt, cottage cheese, milk, juice etc.
for a really cheap way to get your protein here’s a sample menu:
2 large slices whole wheat bread= 8 grams protein
2 tablespoons peanut butter= 8 grams protein
one large glass of whole milk(2 cups)- 16 grams protein
total=32 grams
and that’s not even eating any meats or protein powders.

I steam them up in a steamer (it has a timer, so I don’t have to be around to watch them), and then stick it in the fridge for the week. I don’t have to cook in the AM then, and I can just have the whites when I want too.

Raw eggs are a bad idea. The egg shell has microscopic cracks which allows saminella bacteria to enter the egg. If you do eat raw eggs notice how often you will get sick -especially the stomach.

Cheap protien - canned salmon. You can get about 90 grams of protien for $2.

Daemon, I’m averaging about 350 grams of protein a day, and money is very tight. So most of my protein comes from two very low tech sources – milk and whey protein concentrate / isolate. Currently I’m taking EAS’ Simply Protein (NOT the soy – the whey. Be careful. I think they’re both named “Simply Protein” with very similar labels.) And while it’s tough to give EAS a plug, I can get a five pound tub for 25 dollars. Five scoops into two cups of milk yields 68 grams of protein, and I take about four of those a day. The chocolate really isn’t that bad, in milk at least, and it’s not thick at all, which helps if your appetite isn’t ready for four thick shakes. The best news is, I was really worried that my gains on MAG-10 would be compromised because of this lousy quality protein. I look forward to posting my gains this coming week, but so far, they’ve been excellent and do not seem compromised. Admittedly, I’ll never know “what might have been” with better protein sources, but my gains are in step with those posted by others. (I’ve never ordered from Protein Factory, but they probably sell five pounds of low tech whey even cheaper than 25 dollars.)

Get yourself some 100% egg protein powder. Several companies make it. It usually does not taste real well so mix it with another protein if you can. Switch back and forth between real eggs and the powder.

Christ Steve!! You make it sound like EAS is selling you flour in those tubs. I know it seems hip to bash everyone who is not directly associated with the site, but I doubt that using that brand really killed your gains from Mag-10. If you were training, resting, and eating right… I’m sure you reached your potential on the Biotest supplement.

It’s possible to lightly cook eggs in bulk
in a way that renders them safe but almost
unchanged from uncoooked.

I don’t recall the protocol I developed exactly since it was quite a few years
ago. Basically, it involved heating
the water up to only some limited temperature,
probably about 80 degrees C, and allowing
a specific period of time in which a
meat thermometer revealed the interior
of the egg to be adequately heated, and
the albumin was denatured to the point
of being lightly milky but not solidified.

It’s something you could try if you really

(It’s been quite some time since my microbiology degree so I don’t recall what
interior temperature I considered adequate to kill salmonella.
I’m tending to think it was 55 C for at least
10 minutes at that temperate, but, I’m not sure. I suppose it could be looked up.

Raw eggs have a potential salmonella
problem. A friend of mine contracted
that - he spent 4 days in a hospital,
shit his pants 4 times and his bed twice
during the following 2 weeks. He lost 25
lbs. Nasty, nasty, nasty.

The meat/eggs industry in this country has unnecessarily disgusting, unsanitary, and unsafe production methods. Meat is just as bad with the added
potential of deadly e. coli infection. No, I’m not a vegan but I clean & cook my meat VERY

Boil up a dozen on Sunday, eat them during
the week. Through 2 or 3 in a teflon pan on
med-high heat, turn after 5-6 min for another
5 min, otherwise ignore it. Buy some pure
egg white protein and whip it into a shake. And cook your food!

I use a lot of “egg beaters” type egg whites. Mix them in my oatmeal after cooking and in shakes and in cottage cheese/protein powder/egg white stuff I mix up and flavor with either sugar free jello powder or unsweetened cocoa powder depending on the flavor of protein powder used. Also add artificial sweetner as needed. The “egg beaters” type packaged egg whites are real eggs less the yolks and are “pasterized” just like milk is so can be used right out of the carton just like milk with no risk of salmonila or anything. The name brand products like egg beaters are pricey but I shop at Safeway and they have store brand called Lucerne that comes in 1 quart carton for $3.09 and is the equvalent of 3 dozen eggs with none of the fat. Pasturized means it’s been heated up in processing hot enough to kill all the germs but left in a liquid state like milk. I find it very convenient and if you can find a store or generic brand for around $3 a quart, it’s a cost effective high quality source of protein to beef up your shakes, cottage cheese mixtures or oatmeal (remember to add to the oatmeal after cooking in place of milk).