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Eggs Vs, Farm Eggs


Any "real" difference between the eggs you buy in the store and the fresh farm eggs? Besides the price?


Ya the price


I don't know about nutrition-wise, but I tend to find that the farm fresh/natural/grain fed eggs taste way better.


I heard that most store eggs are enlarged by chemicals. Is this a myth?


i don't know the specs but i do know that the egggs i'm buying now from a regional producer called "the country hen" all organic blah blah are awesome ! i didn't eat alot of eggs, maybe a dozen a month, until my girl turned me on to these. now i eat eggs everyday. yeah they cost more but they're just eggs so how much more do they really cost you know ?


the store bought ones have all the poo cleaned off. If you go to the farm many times they will not be so clean. LOL.

Other than that it really depends on the farm and what the chickens are fed. They could be better or worse than store bought in terms of fat profile etc..


Alot of times organic eggs are toted to have more omega 3 profile DHA/EPA. At 300 or so mg instead of about 110 this doesn't seem to make or break one's diet, taking into account that youre taking fish oil or something similar. The taste seems to be another factor, though as well. My local 'whole foods' type market is over 20 miles away tho, so I only buy 'organic' eggs when I'm in that area. just fft


Sorry to go off-topic but you reminded me of something. There was a series called "Glenroe" in Ireland years back, and one of the characters was a farmer, who had a small scam. He'd buy eggs in the local store, put them in a container of warmed-up shit with feathers in it, and then sell them to tourists as organic. They got 6 "freshly laid eggs, still warm from the hen". It made me laugh.