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Eggs to Testosterone Ratio?


Egg and their fat/cholesterol are known to be a precusor to testosterone.
The question is, how many can you safely consume daily for an extended period of time ?

In this case time being a 12 week cycle.

thank you.


Potentially you might expose yourself to vitamin A poisoning but it would need to be a lot of eggs…


I have four to five whole eggs per day for quite some time and have had no ill effects. Others have consumed even more on a daily basis and have done just fine.


I’ve eaten four or more whole eggs per day for over two years with no ill effects.


I’ve been eating 4-5 eggs per day for many, many years. My bloodwork is fantastic.


I went through a year and a half period in college eating no less than 8 eggs per day, sometimes as many as 12 (and 20 one time lol). I had my bloodwork done three times in that period without any issues, healthy as can be. I typically ate the Eggland’s brand of eggs, and I would usually drink the eggs in the morning upon waking, along with a banana and a cup of yogurt. Did it for convenience, time was short between school, work, responsibilities at home and finding time to train.