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Eggs: Research on High Consumption?


I've recently started eating around 12 eggs per day and so have been reading some of the studies pertaining to the purported link between eggs and high cholesterol and coronary heart disease.

Most of the studies I read found that there was no link between eggs and increased LDL or risk of coronary heart disease. However, the 'egg' group in each study never had more than 3 eggs per day.

Is anyone aware of any studies involving a higher consumption of eggs?



Yes, the American College of Sports Medicine did one or had one published in their journal quite some time ago on egg consumption by athletes. The amounts consumed were as high as 12 per day. Within the 0 to 12 eggs/day range of consumption, blood lipid profile improved modestly with increasing egg consumption. This was roughly 12 years ago, give or take a few, if you want to try looking for it.


I am an ardent supporter of eating whole eggs daily; I eat 4 myself.

Why do you need 12, though? I prefer to vary my protein sources.


Why assume protein source is not varied while still having 12 eggs per day?

That is still only 84 grams protein or so from eggs.


"Only" 84, eh?


That you put 84 into quotes I take to mean that you are someone who thinks that that number is itself high protein intake for the day.

It is however a modest fraction of the total when consuming 300 g or whatever per day.

If you are going to object to amounts such as that then you really don't know bodybuilding nutrition.


I'd also like to point out that this guy eats 5 dozen per day, and he's doing ok.


I love eggs.


Eggs don't constitute 100% of my protein intake. I'm also eating chicken breast, salmon, beef, and whey on a daily basis.