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Eggs in the Microwave

Who here cooks their eggs in the microwave?

I’ve been doing it for years. I spray or coat a glass/ceramic bowl with oil spray or melted coconut oil, crack a few whole eggs or whites, dash of salt, garlic powder, pepper, possibly some cheese and cook from anywhere between 1-3 minutes depending on how much volume of egg I’m cooking. For the most part, they turn out decent every time. It’s so easy, fast and convenient. Saves a ton of time cooking and cleaning up.

I’ve read some people complain about eggs blowing up in the microwave but this only happens if you do not scramble the yolk well. You can overcook eggs in the microwave really easy, so its important to keep an eye on them while cooking and use consistent cooking methods.

I recently moved into a house with two friends and they both said it stinks really bad whenever I cook eggs in the microwave. My one friend’s girlfriend supposedly got nauseous from the smell that apparently stunk up the whole house. I can see how the eggs might smell like sulfur and stink, but for whatever reason, it doesn’t bother me at all- I don’t even notice it. I’m not sure if its cooking eggs in the microwave, or just cooking eggs in general, that causes the smell but it looks like I’ll be going back to cooking eggs in my cast iron skillet.

There was a thread about this 6-7 years ago but I’d like to see some new discussion.

I have a microwave dish for cooking eggs, I rarely use it. Maybe 2-3 times a year? The time it takes too cook eggs on the stove is so minimal anyway it never really bothered me.

Can’t say I ever noticed a smell though, or had any complaints from my family. I don’t cook them nearly as long as 1-3 minutes though, 2 eggs takes like 30 sec in my microwave and they cook properly over the next minute when I remove them (like cooking any eggs).

Now bacon I typically cook on my makin bacon microwave rack haha, that’s a huge time saver and easy clean up! (not to mention the bacon comes out perfect if it’s a good brand)

I cook my eggs exactly the same way. No one’s ever mentioned a smell any different than cooking eggs any other way, and I’ve never noticed anything. Your friends are crazy.