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eggs in the bay

ok can someone explain to me why eggs here are from 2-3 dollars dozen! and chicken(boneless, skinless) is only 1.99 a pound and sometimes less with a sale.
i was used to eggs being less than a dolar a dozen- back east.
i know it is a strange question but i was so used to eggs being a strong staple in my diet…now it is a little harder.

where is here?

In TN where i am its $0.52-1.00 for a dozen

I say move :slight_smile:


Where are you buying your eggs?. You must be shopping at a highbrow grocery. I’m in portland and recently paid 59 cents for a dozen. See if there are any WINCO grocery stores in your area. Cheap prices, and you don’t have to buy huge amounts like at COSTCO.

I don’t think I’ve paid more than $.50 a dozen here, and that’s at the mainstream stores (Fred Meyer, Top Foods). You must be missing something.

i am in oakland and shop at albertsons or safeway.

get a costco card. it’ll save you money for foods in bulk.

by the way, did you get the 24 hour job?

i am still deciding on either club one or 24. i have my CPR re-cert tommorow and then i can start working. 24 seems alright and possible good money but club one is really cool, and the people are super nice. i am also doing some indepentent work down in pleasnton area. by the way are you certified by anyone? caz if so and you are interested i might be able to get you some independent work as well.
just a thought.

Thanks for the offer. I just got my NSCA packet for the CSCS cert. The only credential I have is my BS in Nutri Sci from Berkeley.

I’m actually trying to get a job at Valencia St Muscle. It’s 3 blocks from where I live.

Club One sounds nice and you could make more money per client, but 24 has higher volume… good luck either way.

hey when are you taking the CSCS i am looking at the one in LA in november or sac-town in december.
good luck at valencia st. i heard thats a good gym.

Hey Jay, not sure when i’m gonna take it. It seems that there is a lot of material to cover. I’m going to purchase some of the books and review them. 3-4 months is the timeline I’m giving myself for now. I hope the valencia st place is good. I’m tired of working with idiots.

When you shop at Safeway get a Safeway card, they have 2-for -1 egg, cottage cheese and chicken specials all the time. Welcome to the bay area !!

good call on the safeway eggs and cottage cheese deals. i totally forgot about that.

Hey guys they have the ISSA cert. coming up in Nov. up in the city. All for the bargin basement price of $600.00! I really hate paying for these expensive ass classes, but I’ll probably go anyway.

Try shopping at Trader Joes if you have one - you can easily get a dozen for $1.29. Also, Safeway almost always has buy 1 get 1 free on the 18 pack of eggs for $2.99.

Everything is more expensive in the bay area.
That’s one of the drawbacks of the area.