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Eggs in a 'Shake'

taste wise, anabolism/nutrition wise, how are, with liquid (water?),

  1. raw eggs + whey?
  2. raw eggs + whey + strawberries/bananas
  3. raw eggs + whey + oats
  4. raw eggs + whey + oats + strawberries/bananas + peanut butter?

egg whites into a shake u really can’t taste the difference.

i’ve done it before.

Dude, just try it.

I eat 5 raw eggs in a shake every morning. Can’t even taste it.

they don’t really have a taste when mixed with other things. come to think of it i don’t think they have much of taste by themselves either. try it with any of your proposed combos.

Can’t taste them. Put a few others things in. Just give it a go it won’t kill you.