Eggs-how many?

How many eggs a day are ok ? I like a couple whole and about 5 whites. Is the cholesterol scare over?

A dozen a day is fine ONLY cause you don’t want to eat only eggs.

I used to eat two whole eggs and four egg whites.
There’s about 213 mg of cholesterol in the yolk of an egg. I’m sorry that I can’t remember how much cholesterol is safe to consume in a day.

Eating twelve eggs a day isn’t the best idea. If I’m not mistaken the average egg egg has five grams of fat in the yolk. Five multiplied by twelve is sixty. 9 cal per gram of fat multiplied by sixty equals 540 calories from fat per dozen. 540 is eighteen percent of 3000. Most bodybuilders try to get twenty to twenty-five percent of their daily caloric intake from fat. If you eat a dozen eggs per day you would have anywhere from six to twenty one grams of fat left for consumption. Fat’s everywhere even low carb grow has two grams a scoop. I wouldn’t want that much fat froms eggs even if I were the atkins diet.

Dietary cholesterol has little impact on your actual cholesterol levels. It’s saturated fat that has a more direct impact on it.

The cholesterol in eggs is mostly the good kind, HDL, which is very good for you. Eggs, even whole, are healthy food, even with the fat and cholesterol in them.

Ugh, Ross, don’t tell me you still subsribe to the Food Pyramid government bullshit? FAT IS NOT BAD FOR YOU (except for trans fat). IT DOES NOT MAKE YOU FAT. EXCESS CALORIES MAKE YOU FAT. There, I said it.

The answer is 4.53339220449.

Unless you’re bulking, of course, or have Romanian ancestry. In that case, you can add another 0.377783729 to the mix without any ill effects.

Don’t be fooled by people who’ll tell you that “it depends”, and don’t believe all that tripe you hear about things being “individual” or “different for different people”. The above is the Final Word and Fact. It’s the same for absolutely everybody, regardless of circumstance, bodyweight, medical condition, past history of disease, bodyfat percentage, goals or anything else.

Hope this helps.

Neither sat fat or dietary cholesterol impacts your cholesterol levels. And even if it did-so what?

The amount of eggs I eat really depends. I never ditch any part of the egg. Somedays upto 6, and sometimes I go weeks without consuming any.


I eat three whole eggs every morning. And steak.

You ask who cares about cholesterol? Isnt weightlifting a way to prove how strong and healthy your body is? If you overload your heart and have a heart attack at 40 while grunting under that bar, whats the point?

Tell that to all those roided up bodybuilders that can’t walk a flight of stairs and all those super heavyweight powerlifters that choke down six Big Macs for lunch.

Personally, I eat 36 whole eggs per week and my cholesterol was 136 at last count. You just have to move your ass.

The vitamin content of whole eggs embarasses things like chicken breasts and canned tuna.

I’m curious if people even know what cholesterol is. If they did, then they might realize that “high” cholesterol is not bad.

Hey, let’s lower the “high” cholesterol level to the point where 80% of the population should take drugs to “fix” it! Yeah!

Neil High Cholesterol is bad. High HDL isn’t bad, asswipe.

Hey asswipe bob, tell me more since you think you know.

Hi cholesterol levels in the blood indicates the body is under some form of stress and is trying to repair itself. cholesterol is a repair tool for the body. too low cholesterol levels have been implicated in increased cancer levels (yeah, lipitor lowers your risk of heart disease for some reasons, but it increases your cancer risk)

as was said before, dietary cholesterol hasn’t been shown to have a significant impact on blood cholesterol levels. your body makes what it NEEDS. if you’re healthy and in shape, eat well etc. your cholesterol is just another part of your body, you don’t want to mess with it.

eggs are a healthy food with balanced omega 6 and 3 fatty acids if you get your eggs from a healthy chicken. don’t get those cheapo white grocery store eggs, EVER. buy organic, free range eggs or get them from a local farmer who cares about his flock.

i eat sometimes two or three a day, sometimes more. i’m only taking in maybe 2k calories though. you could easily eat up to 6 or more without compromising your variety in your diet.

“the incredible, edible egg” :slight_smile:

I personally knock down roughly 9 whole eggs/day or more than 12 whites, depending on if i’m looking for a protein carb meal or protein fat meal.

Eggs are great, nice and cheap and dont take long to cook. Easy to keep in fridge also.

The cholesterol in eggs is mostly the good kind, HDL, which is very good for you. Eggs, even whole, are healthy food, even with the fat and cholesterol in them.

Uh, HDL stands for high-density lipoprotein.

It is NOT a type of cholesterol found in food.

But yes, eggs are healthy and the cholesterol in them does not impact your endogenous synthesis of cholesterol.

Cholesterolemia is influenced by saturated fat, specifically 16:0 (palmitic acid), 12:0 and 14:0. It can controlled by the amount of linoleic acid in the diet, which influences the P:S ratio.

Trans fats are even worse for cholesterol synthesis.

Stay away from fried foods, hydrogenated oils, baked goods, high fat dairy, palm oil (not like we have access to this), and too much high fatty meats.

I study this, so don’t argue with me. :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

High HDL is a better predictor of decreased cholesterol risk. This will make your total choelsterol high, but will not predispose you to CVD.


Neil you said “high” cholesterol isn’t bad, when in fact a high total cholesterol number does increase your risk of CVD.

Cass, my post had nothing to do with eggs, just the cholesterol issue. I learned a lot from you when you posted something similar to the same question i had asked a few months ago. Asswipe =)

Back to Neil, maybe we had a misunderstanding in what you meant but, when you type “high” cholesterol isn’t bad i thought you were talking about a total cholesterol number. If you were talking about a high total and saying isn’t bad, then you’re wrong. If you weren’t than i apologize.


Check out what Cass said:

“This will make your total choelsterol high, but will not predispose you to CVD.”

Seriously, I don’t know why I care what you guys do.