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Eggs for Lunch?


You can always get pasteurized egg whites and drink it by the glass.

On the real, eggs aren’t a “to-go” item for me. I’ll eat them prepped at home, or prepped at a deli. I don’t even make my own breakfast sandwiches, but if that’s your thing, that’d be a great to-go item. I seen guys at the office have quiche for lunch too, and that’s a whole nother process.


I often boil eggs and peel them at home, take them to work and heat in the mircrowave.



You heat boiled eggs? What kind of monster are you?


8 eggs,
cup of parmesan cheese,
cup of feta cheese
1 leek and spinach (as much as you can muster).
Pre cook leek for around 5 to10 minutes in olive oil then ad spinach till it wilts. In a large mixing bowl add eggs cheese salt and peper and your cooked greens.
Mix all together. Pour in large baking dish. Bake in oven at 160 degrees for 40minutes. Slice up cold eat with a very very large salad!. Simple. :slight_smile:


I think this whole thread was actually an Internet Police sting to get dangerous sociopaths to self-identify


Pre cook scrambled and warm a little in microwave not to bad. Don’t over heat of course they get dry and stuff.


Only for 30 seconds each egg.



If you have an electric stove that has burners that stay hot after it is turned off (I have one now, I really miss my gas stove), then submerge as many eggs as you want (my pot fits 16) in at least an inch of water and heat until it hits a rolling boil, then turn the stove off and start a timer.
4 minutes = runny yolks
6 minutes = creamy yolks
8+ minutes = hard yolks
Do not go over 10 unless you want the green, smelly, over cooked yolks, and immediately put them into cold water when removing them.

I’ve just had too many crappy boiled eggs not to share a method of making them perfect every time. I LOVE soft boiled eggs and eat hard boiled eggs almost every day.


I did not like boiled eggs until I met my future wife. She mixes salt and black pepper in fresh lime juice and dips the peeled eggs. I was very skeptical at first, but wow, they are quite tasty. I can now eat about 6-8 boiled eggs in one sitting.


I eat boiled eggs to up my protein level in the morning


I’m going to try that. I eat about 6 - 8 hard boiled eggs daily on weekends, 3 or so weekdays for breakfast and sometimes lunch. Tasteless, cheap protein source.

I use Ina Gartner’s hard boiled egg system. Eggs go into pot of cold water, start burner, time for 8 minutes, then after 8 minutes stop burner, leave eggs in hot water 8 more minutes. Drain pot, crack eggs’ shells somewhat in pot then add cold water to fully cover them. 99% of time they peel effortlessly unless there’s a membrane problem. Eggs have almost a hard yoke.


I use the same method, it is very effective. I have been meaning to try cooking eggs in my Instant Pot, but between making yogurt, ribs, and pho, it seems to never be available.



Eggs in tub… whisk the eggs… add some salt or any seasonings you want even a little butter if you like… put it in for 1 minute , take it out and stir it and keep doing the same until they’re done.


This in a medium bowl presprayed with Pam. Generally about 2 minutes total. Cut a piece of Rye bread in half, spread of lite mayo, add the egg. Bam! Egg Sammich. Pretty good snack


Gonna try that.