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Eggs, Egg Whites and More Eggs

Maybe we can all get some new ideas here? My fav way for efficiency lately has been using a brownie pan w individual squares. Spray n fill w egg whites n pop in oven at 350 for 18 or so then store in ziplock in fridge…I just eat them cold when I need them

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What kind of monster has a brownie pan with individual squares? Where are the brownies from the middle of the pan? You know, the ooey gooey part without the crust. What if yo were really hungry and wanted a “man size” piece of brownie instead of a lady portion? This seems like a crime against baking.

On a serious note… this looks a ittle too weird for me, not sure I could eat these cold out of bag.


Some people don’t like the ooey goey bit (the best bit)


Those aren’t people, they’re aliens. Lol

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I just realised I haven’t had a brownie in years. I think that’ll be my next food challenge. A thick, goey one.

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I haven’t had brownies in a while either. I like em gooey with ice cream.

I mix pasteurized egg whites in orange juice

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I heard the egg whites were absorbed better if they were cooked… not sure of the truth there. I’m just a old monster chicken little, trying to maintain as efficacy as possible lol


Pretty sure it is, tastes better too cooked, but hope I get some part of the 15g protein shot.

This just seems unappetizing. Reminds me of the “scrambled eggs” at the free motel breakfasts.

Now, with the yolk, nice and hot with sausage patty and an english muffin…a homemade version of a McMuffin…Now you’re talking.

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Man I’m just sick of peeling all the eggs and that’s why I started doin brownie pan eggs. I thought maybe you young guys would have some good ideas or alternatives

Dump 4 whole eggs in a blender with some whole fat milk, dash of vanilla and ice cubes.


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Do you not worry about salmonella?

As long as you’re buying eggs from healthy chickens, you can give the outside of the egg a rinse and you’ll be fine. Salmonella can’t penetrate the shell, unless it’s a weak, thin shell.

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I always make mine over easy/medium. Without some sort of runny yolk the taste makes me gag.

Props to being able to eat cold squares of just whites…


I usually do crack and scramble when I cook them. Crack two eggs, half cup of whites, cover it for a lil, then break the yolk and scramble it all up

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Mushrooms by any chance?

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Nah, I should add vegetables tho

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Roasted onion and peppers are solid


This isn’t the flame free thread guys, we’re allowed to all tell this guy how fucked up this is