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Eggs Cause Diabetes?


Eating eggs now causes diabetes. What next?

Harvard Dr says no more than 6 eggs per week!


I guess my 6-8 per day is going put me in an early grave.



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Fantastic. A BS observational study with not explanation as to what the link could be. Even their own research suggests the opposite of what they propose.

This horseshit is not science.


Fox News?

Heh heh. The day I worry over the "truths" they spread is the day I may as well give up living.

I'm going to go have a half dozen eggs right now. Mmm!


I wanna get paid to conduct studies like this.

Uhhh this stuff happened and we think it may be linked to this but we have no proof, can you pay us now?


It would be amusing if someone did a book "Harvard Scientists Say These Things May..." and then have hundreds and hundreds of pages of total though actually-published nonsense.


correlation is not causation

Were the 57,000 obsese?


If this were true I am sure there would be many people here on this site that would be in a diabetic coma right now. :wink:



The title of this article should be "Study: Eggs may increase the risk of Type 2 Diabetes, but more than likely won't. Researchers don't really know for sure."

This is why some foods get a bad rap because people will just read the title and believe it without reading the article. What a bunch of shit.


How can eggs lead to diabetes? Taken alone the insulin response would have to be negligible. It's likely the stack of pancakes people down alongside the eggs that are the cause.


I read an article somewhere in which the President of the American Diabetes Association was interviewed and he said consuming excess sugar was not known to be a factor in diabetes.


Later on the interviewer pinned him down and figured out he was actually trying to say something else. In fact, nobody had ever done a formal study linking sugar consumption and diabetes, therefore, in the president's mind, there was no link between sugar and diabetes. No study, no link.

Sometimes they say something that sounds stupid, but they're really trying to say something else entirely.


As personal opinion, I think his statement was stupid either way.

Or more likely a Type II diabetic version of politically-correct: there's no way their own bad choices led to their condition. So therefore there can be no link between diabetes and anything that is ever claimed as an example of a bad lifestyle choice they made leading to Type II diabetes.


This is in no way proof of bad science by Harvard, the media tries to cause a stir about everyting, so of course they will pick and choose what to put in. Its manipulated quotes, that makes it look stupid.


Whether the study does or not I can't say as I didn't read the thing, but what the lead scientist chose to say to the reporter was stupid.

From the article, based on the study the researchers "suggest it is wise to limit your egg intake. 'Based on the current data, our recommendations would be to consume eggs in moderation and not to exceed six eggs per week,' lead researcher Dr. Luc Djousse, of Harvard Medical School in Boston, told Reuters Health."

Coming to that conclusion based on this study is stupid.


I agree if that was the case but the quotation probably went on to say
"Based on the current data, our recommendations would be to consume eggs in moderation and not to exceed six eggs per week," because of the foods potential to raise cholesterol.

Or something to that effect. The study never QUOTES him as saying anything about eggs and diabetes, that is most likely the blatant lie added from the reporter. Also while they imply that this man was the "lead scientist" they forgot to mention that he is essentially what most people would call a "TA" or an assistant to the professor lol.


But that would be either stupid or ignorant as well, as it's demonstrated that egg consumption does not adversely affect blood lipid profile.

No, it's quite unlikely that Dr. Luc Djousse is a TA.