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Eggs Are Bad for You


YIKES http://nutritionfacts.org/videos/egg-cholesterol-in-the-diet/

this site will cause heart attacks from the stress of reading such crap


Amazing how people still believe this. The sad thing is that I would bet this guy honestly believes that too.


and the fact he is a doctor gives him the credibility factor


Yup, MD's can dispense all the nutritional information they want, whether they are right or wrong and regardless of their level of knowledge. And there will always be well-meaning people who follow their recommendations blindly. "Well he's a doctor" they'll say, even as they see their health failing.


I consider this in the context of the average obese American that is fat and lazy and can now eat pizza as a veggie worry-free. Which is fine, because that means more eggs for me.


I was just diagnosed with an egg allergy, so im going to be completely cutting them out for 4-6 weeks and slowly add them back in and get re-tested.

Has anyone done this and been successful?


It's a Canadian study?... well there's your problem, eh?


This guy is a MOR-EEE-Ron...he needs to read the research of Weston A. Price and stop smoking the pipe of foolishness.


Just for laughs I looked by the guy mentioned above. His understanding of cholesterol metabolism and atherosclerosis is pitiful.

Did anybody actually find the article and read it? I will save you the trouble of finding it: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2989358/?tool=pubmed

If anybody wants to argue that dietary cholesterol doesn't affect cholesterol levels then you obviously weren't even paying attention to the video, because they weren't talking about that. The article talks about post-prandial lipemia and cholesterolemia. Read it and learn some science.


What are the symptoms of such an allergy ?


well mine isnt to serious or really all that noticeable, but a bit of gas and sort of an uneasy feeling after having lots of eggs, seemed much more noticeable when stressed out.

I really love eggs and know they have a lot of good stuff in them so im hoping it will reverse itself


Fuck. Eggs are bad, water doesn't hydrate, and pizza is a vegetable. I feel like I'm in some parallel universe.


eggs are the boss


Seriously. Next thing were going to hear is that lifting weights makes you smaller and kills muscle tissue permanently.


Or that soy is good for you.


So is Dr. Kevorkian, and Michael Jackson's doctor.
The eggs and high cholesterol myth was debunked at least 12 years ago. It was started as a lobbying effort by the wheat famers' council to get people to eat more breakfast cereals, FFS. Next thing you know people are going to believe Chik Fill-A's ads with cows telling people to eat more chicken are authoritative.


The article isn't about eggs and high cholesterol. It even says in it that eating lots of eggs barely does anything to your cholesterol levels. But that doesn't change the fact that eating eggs isn't too good for your body. That also doesn't mean if you eat eggs you will have a heart attack, but it does have a negative impact on your body.


Makes total sense that something that has been around for millions of years and sustained life for numerous animals would be poisonous for us humans, get outta here with your bad info


Things don't need to make sense from an evolutionary standpoint to be a physiological fact.
Just read the article and then we can discuss their findings. Perhaps we may come to a mutual understanding.


You should read more than just the article. Read the sources too. I read the article and am going through the citations. There are a number of issues I see in some of the studies he cited. This is the problem with quoting things as "physiological facts". His conclusions are based on the conclusions of others without actually looking deeply into their data which is one of the pervasive problems with research these days.