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Eggs and Health

Usually for breakfast I have eggs, I have 2 whole eggs and 2 whites. I’m sure many of you eat lots of eggs? Anyway, I read an article in a magazine about the correlation between eating more than 1 egg per day and diabetes, normally I would regard anything from a magazine as bs, but then i googled and came up with a few articles saying that more than 1 egg yolk per day is bad for your cholesteral. Anyone have any thoughts, my family now wants me to get my cholesteral checked, nd i am wondering if i should have any concerns

is egg yolk not actually good cholesteral.

Can you link us to these articles…

The yolk does contain some cholestrol, but this has not been a proven link to raise your own cholestrol as was speculated.

Your cholestrol will rise as a result of the saturated fat in the yolk. This will however, depend on the rest of your diet/exercise setup.

A study suggesting eggs and cholesterol in a positive light. Make up your own mind but try and provide references

Eat more eggs.

Something like 90+ % of our circulating cholesterol is produced by our own body. Some people, like myself can get away with eating about 8 eggs a day and still have low LDL and high HDL (with an overall low blood cholesterol level). My cousin, well, he can’t. Depends on how much cholesterol you produce on your own. If you’re borderline with your #'s, eating more foods with saturated fat and cholesterol can tip you over the line.

Of course, being active, exercising, eating mono fats and ingesting soluble fiber can all lower your total cholesterol. (a weightlifter’s lifestyle).