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Eggs and Cholesterol


A friend of mine said that you should never eat a hard egg yolk because the cholesterol becomes toxic once it solidifies. And that this in turn increases blood-cholesterol and increases the chances of a heart attack. Is this true?

Another egg question I have concerns omega 3 eggs. If you eat omega 3 eggs do they actually lower your cholesterol because of the omega 3 fatty acids in it?


  1. No
  2. Possibly-eggs in moderation are not bad anyhow. Dietary cholesterol is not really the culprit in high cholesterol. Saturated fat (and even more trans fat) is. Do not eat trans fat. But saturated fat is only bad in excess. Some is necessary for proper hormone production. A good rule of thumb for optimal health would be to have about 1/3 fat as saturated and the rest as unsaturated.


yeah the latest research is saying that dietary cholesterol is not the evil it was once thought to be and that trans fats and sugars and homogenized milk are. of course that's generally speaking and depending on each person's personal chemistry and diet.

personally i love eggs and hadn't eaten them regularly for about five years cause of the piss poor quality of the supermarket eggs available. last two years though i'm onto some really good eggs and eat at least a dozen a week. my numbers are virtually the same. i know a girl who's doc wanted her numbers to come down a bit . she eats eggs and meat and butter regulary but removed all processed sugar from her diet and her numbers came way down. not scientific i know but personal experiences i know of.

back to eggs yolks your friend may have been thinking of oxidized cholesterol which is pretty bad for you. from what i've read cholesterol will oxidize when exposed to high heat and air at the same time. so they say soft boiled or sunny eggs are the way to go, but omelets and scramble eggs are not healthy. especially since there's iron in the egg white which when mixed with the yolk only furthers the oxidation along. best way to eat the yolks is raw/runny. if you get eggs from a healthy animal there's no problem with that.


Your friend is an idiot.


There was an article recently that said that only 'cage free' eggs and meat have a good Omega3 to Omega6 ratio. Otherwise the hormones and corn that the animals ingest make the eggs and meat disbalanced in that area. Although I guess if you eat it once a day or so then it won't do much damage as long as you get the good omega3's from elsewhere.


Like much of nutrition, it looks like the opinion of the average layman is completely all over the map on this one.

Looks like another instance where you'd do better by doing some solid reading and research on your own than by asking your friends or people on internet forums.