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Eggs and cholesterol...

Ok,so I ate 3 egg whites+3 whole eggs this morning…how’s that gonna affect my cholesterol levels in the long run assuming i eat that every other day?I am 19.Should I worry about cholesterol levels at this point?
Should I get a checkup now just to make sure I am not “committing suicide”? Thanks.

p/s:Would someone tell me what good are the whites and yolks again?Like,I hear the yolks got some stuff the whites don’t.Can tell me what?Thanks.

My cholesterol level has always been low: even after consuming ALOT of red meat and eggs. However, NO ONE in my family has a history of high cholesterol. So, a good start would be to find out your family history.

The yolk contains a higher amount of vitamins than the white and half of the protein. Also, there are two different types of cholesterol: blood cholesterol and dietary. Dietary cholesterol is the cholesterol in foods that you eat. But it is saturates - and eggs are pretty low in saturates - that will raise blood cholesterol than dietary cholesterol itself.

Patricia, the yolk contains as much protein as the white.

I think what she was saying was that half of the total protein content of an egg is in the yolk.

Why are people so worried about what they eat to the point of detriment? I eat 7-8 whole eggs a day when I am working on size and my cholesterol levels remain normal.

I think it has been proven that eggs do not adversly affect cholesterol levels directly. You should be much more worried about hydrogenated fats than the dietary cholesterol in eggs. Refined carbs are the foods to look out for. Right now avoiding diabetes should be more important to you than cholesterol at your age.

I am 19 and i eat about 24 eggs spread out the day every day day(hey its cheap protien)Most of the time i eat about two yolks per 10 whites. i have done this for about a year and have not ever felt like my cholesterol was bad(whatever that feels like) My blood pressure has never been high, at the free blood pressure tester at walmart

quick Questiion: so how much protien is in an
egg white?


I eat between 4 and 8 whole eggs daily, about 12 when I went on Mag 10. (four whole eggs, mixed with some wholegrain mustard makes a great omelette.) There’s no harm, people have been living off of eggs for eons. I think you have to take it into the context on your entire diet, eg. if you are on a keto diet, it’s not likely to be converted into blood cholestrol. However if you eating unsoundly it might be deterimental combined with high carbs and the like.

Dietary cholesterol and blood lipids have little to do with each other. The cholesterol in you food has at most 20% reflection in your blood lipids compared to the real cause of high cholesterol. Thats assuming that high cholesterol is even a bad thing! A lot of doctors have this number fetish with cholesterol which is a lot of nonsense. The ratio of HDL to LDL is of importance as is triglycerides. Cholesterol is vital to every function in thebody, especially hormone production. TESTOSTERONE rings a bell. But it can not be dertermined how much of a risk you are at for heart disease and the like just by a stupid overall number. The real cause of high blood lipids is excess insulin production. Insulin provokes the liver to keep producing cholesterol. Constant bombarding from insulin to your liver will create high serum blood lipid levels and high triglycerides.
As for eggs, they are one of natures perfect foods. Quality protein coat, and in the inside you get omega fats and antioxidants, not to mention lecithin which will emulsify the fat that you have ingested anyways if you are so worried. If you scramble your eggs the only detrimental effect is the oxidizing of the cholesterol from the yolk, but this can be prevetned but eating them over easy or hard boiled. And if you scramble the, it wont hurt you, so live a little. Dont worry about the eggs, they will do a lot more good than bad. Enjoy!


Even if high cholesterol (>200 total) is in fact a risk factor for coronary heart disease (CHD), which by looking at studies is dubious at best, your diet has minimal effect on it fi you’re already eating pretty clean (not too many doughnut feeding frenzies and avoid other sources of trans fats). Want to drop your LDL and raise your HDL at the same time and do it on the cheap? Take 1500 mg. of time release niacin a day. It works as well as Lipitor and mine costs me about $25 for 83 days worth. If you can handle the carbs, a half a cup of oat bran a day is equally effective at dropping the LDL but is more of a pain in the ass to ingest.

There are about 3 grams per yolk or per white, depending on size of egg ect. Ed

Check out my post on about page 3. It’s entitled, “Cy Willson----Cholesterol: LDL too high?!” Any and all of you, take a stab at it if you wish. Also, before anybody asks, my father has mild hypertension with a “sometime fluctuating cholesterol levels”, nothing at all serious. I also have slight hypertension.

SteelyEyes: Have you personally tried the niacin plan? Cy Willson recommends it in the mentioned article in case you haven’t read it. I’m beginning to add some cardio.

Yes. I’ve used it for a few months now with a slight gap in the middle. I’m not due to get tested for a while so I can’t verify that it’s worked for me. It has worked for people I know.

Thanks folks,I will print this all out and show it to my mom who keeps telling me to throw out the yolks.I think my dad had some high cholesterol but he lowered it already,thru cleaning up diet more.I guess it’s not the eggs causing it,since he don’t eat much eggs.I love eggs.I make my own weirdo recipes for it.