Eggs and Cholesterol: Fact or Myth

All my life i have herd crap about eggs and cholesterol. I personally love eggs and would eat a dozen everyday if i could. Just recently on the news they said that eggs and cholesterol have nothing to do with each other. They said that you can eat as many eggs as you want in it wont affect you.

They also said that those “Organic” eggs are the same as regular white eggs. I would just like to hear what you guys think about eggs and cholesterol. I know eggs are a great source of protein but what about the cholesterol. Thanks

It would be great if you could reference the article you are referring to from the news.

Eggs are great. I’ve probably eaten 40 or so this week! Cheap, easy and combine with all kinds of food.

I know this topic has been done to death in the discussion boards. I think a quick search would produce all the info you are looking for.

Fella, this has been discussed and discussed.

Cthulu had a great thread about it.

Use the search feature.