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Egg questions, I cant get any answers! The search keep spitting back results about how to cook them. I WANNA KNOW:
How much protein in 1 whole egg? The egg white? The egg yolk?
And, whats all the jazz about omega 3 eggs? Do they cost more?
Thank you, Ive been trying to figure this out all week.

Seek the knowledge of Norcross. He’s the king of the calorie breakdowns and food logs.

To start I will say that I’m not the Cunning Linguist from last weeks reader mail - I’m the original one from the last year or longer? But on with the question.

Anyways - to answer your question:
1 Large Raw egg: whole: 6.3 grams of protein; egg white only: 3.5 grams of protein; yolk only: 2.8 grams of protein.

As for the “deal” with omega 3 eggs - they come from chickens that have diets that are high in food containing omega 3 fatty acids (if you do not know what those are - do search in t-mag). I think that they are more expensive and there are likely better and cheaper ways to get omega 3’s. Hope this all helps.

Hi, my name is Google, nice to meet you. This is ridiculous. You’ve been trying to “figure this out all week”?

“How much protein is in a whole egg?” - Go to the damn grocery and look.

"How much protein in the white and yolk? - Again, my name is Google.

“What are Omega-3’s?” - I’m not even acknowledging this one.

“Do they cost more?” - Again, go to the grocery store.

Honestly, did you even try to find any of these answers or do you always expect people to do your work for you?

For nutritional info on ANY food, use web-based nutrition charts. There’s heapz of them out there like: www.nal.usda.gov/ fnic/cgi-bin/nut_search.pl . Also soundz like the search engine being used is a little limited. Go to www.ferretsoft.com for a freeware version of webferret (non mac). Once tried, you will never use anything else again.

Im sorry you lost sleep on my acount man. Im up in Canada, here our egg cartons dont say the nutritional value. Also, to get Omega 3 eggs we have to go to a health food store. Did it occur to you that the reason Im asking here is because Ive tried looking elsewhere and cannot get a strait answer? I downloaded 3 different nutrition fact finders, all saying anywhere from 5-12 g of protein per egg. I know what Omega fatty acids are, come to think of it, I never even asked what they were, I asked about Omega 3 eggs. You were just in too big of a huff to try and show off that you didnt even read what I had to say. You just grabbed your sack and put your heart into being a jerk. Im sorry I ruined your day D Rock. Cunning Linguist and Rowbie, I thank you for your help. The search engine I used was from the Testosterone website, but try as I might…Thanks guys.

Trust me, if you really tried for a week to find your answers you would have. And 12g P/egg sounds kind of ridiculous. Are you sure “they” were talking about chicken eggs? If so, where can I get these bad boys?

Yes I did read your post. You asked what were omega-3 eggs. That’s like asking “what color hair does a blonde t-vixen have?”

Check out the USDA’s site.
Good stuff.

I pay about $2.89 for a dozen Omega 3 eggs here in Brooklyn. Kinda pricey, so I usually get the regular kind, usually about $1.09 or so. I think the variations in protein amounts are due to the variations in size between medium and X-large eggs, although 14 grams sounds high, offhand. 11 grams seems about right. Sorry, I don’t have a carton to look at for nutritional values, at the moment.

Did I say “14” grams, how’d I come up with that…D’oh!

I asked “whats all the jazz about omega 3 eggs? Do they cost more?” As for looking all week, its was a figure of speach. I hope you can sleep again.

Everyone, thanks alot. I have a carton of omega 3 eggs in the fridge right now…still no nutritional label…