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Anyone use,(or have used in the past), the “Eggology” Egg Whites? At first I thought they may be “gimmiky”, but they’ve been around now for a few years. They seem legit. (For those who don’t know; they provide to-your-door delivery of pasturized, salmonella/bacteria free, pure, REAL egg whites. When they first came out, I thought they were some kind of egg PRODUCT, but it’s the white of real eggs).

I buy the same thing at the grocery store. They’re called “All Whites”. It’s just a carton of egg whites. Much better than those off tasting Egg Beater-type products. I reviewed this either in “Stuff We Like” or a Short Topic called “MRPRs”.

I don’t know the product … but I can imagine it’s gotta be more expensive than just buying regular ol’ eggs and filtering out the yolk yourself. Mufasa, what do these things go for? For instance, I get 18 large eggs for 99 cents. It’s a great deal that I hope keeps on going forever. Breaking eggs has become meditative for me I do it so often, lol.

Growth…I hope my math is right…you pay about 5 cents/egg…and these things work out to about 25 cents/egg. So…much more expensive.

Chris…based on the price that you pay…what is the ROUGH price/egg of the “All Whites?” (When I do a Google search, something funny happened…I got a lot of Racist oriented sites! It was sorta FUNNY, actually…!)

They run about $1.70 a carton and that’s about 10 eggs whites or 50 grams of protein. Higher than whole eggs, but I hate the mess and hassle of separating yolks. Plus I just hate buying something like whole eggs knowing I’m going to throw out half of it.

BTW, All Whites is made by Papetti Foods so you might do a search for that.

They are more expensive, no doubt. I think these would be great for those of us who like to throw raw egg whites into our shakes, eat them “Rocky style” or whatever, since they are pasturized, salomonella/bacteria free…

If your going to use the “All Whites” product that Chris Shugart mentioned, buy it at BJ’s.
It comes as a 4 pack of cartons for about $4.00 -4.75 if I remember correctly. Also the cartons are a larger size.

I’ve bought the whites in a carton for a long time now and really like it. It’s pasturized like milk so can drink right out of the carton without worrying about salmanella or anything. very conveniant and worth the cost. Add to shakes, cottage cheese with protein powder or add to oatmeal in place of milk after cooking with the protein powder. Its great.

You only absorb about half the protein when using raw eggs or egg whites. There’s even been a study on this. (Berardi posted the study a while back.) So you gotta cook 'em or cut the protein grams in half.

Sucks, but it’s true. I wasted a lot of money drinking Egg Beaters and the like back in the day because I didn’t know this. I don’t think anyone did until a year or two ago.

Chris, Since the whites are pasturized which means they have been heated to high enough temp (>165 i think) for long enough time to kill all the salmanella and other nasties through the high heat processing, wouldn’t this be enough heat to entail deactivating the enyzme you’re refering too and in fact entail a certain amount of cooking in the heat processing? At least that is what I’ve understood.

Not sure. Berardi tossed that study at me once after I mentioned drinking Egg Beaters. I’m sure he knew they were pasteurized, but still, good question. I’ll ask him.

Big Guns Berardi said:

“From what I’ve seen (and there isnt much published data on this), I
speculate that the egg substitutes are heat treated and have good
bioavailability. To be on the safe side, I always cook them. But if you
need to have them raw, they’re certainly better (in more ways than one) than
raw eggs/whites.”

Thanks for following up on this Chris. Really appreciate it.