I started putting egg whites in my oatmeal and it’s worked so well that I wanted you all to hear about and give it a shot. Basically I break three eggs into a bowl and then fish out the yolks… btw the eggshells make great tools to fish out the yolks. Then I pour in my oatmeal, add some water, and stir it up. I even add some wheat bran and wheat germ for extra nutrition. The eggs add 18g of protein, and provided you stir it enough and microwave it for at least 2 minutes, will blend in nicely. Try it tomorrow morning and let me know what you guys think.

Thanks for the recommendation!

The only thing I would do differently is not throw out the best part, the yolk!

An egg yolk is loaded with vitamins minerals and has some protein too.

One theory on why there is a hike in the rate of macular degeneration (an eye disease) is that Americans are not eating the eggs that they used to generations ago. With in the Yolk is a nutrient called “Lutein”. This helps prevent macular degeneration and a host of other eye problems.

If you are afraid of all the stories about the egg yolk causing high cholesterol, you need not worry. The blood cholesterol that is measured when getting a blood test, is produced by your liver. In fact, over 80% of all the cholesterol in your body is produced by the liver!

If we cut back in our dietary cholesterol intake that will only make the liver produce more on its own. Besides its not dietary cholesterol that raises our blood level cholesterol, it’s saturated fat that raises cholesterol!

Allow me to digress. Another fact that seems to escape the typical American doctor: half the people who die from heart disease each year have high cholesterol, half have low cholesterol!

n other words cholesterol is not the bugaboo that the drug company’s want you to believe. Gee, do you think the scare tactics regarding cholesterol have anything to do with the fact that the drug company’s make over 12 billion dollars a year selling statin drugs, which lower cholesterol?

Stick to Gods food and you can’t go wrong: Meat, Fish, Fowl, Vegetables,Fruits, Nuts and of course eggs.

Anyway, thanks for the oatmeal/egg combo. I will try it, with the yolk!

You’re a genius.How’d you get so creative?

I would imagine that the reason browncy ditched the yolk was to avoid adding any extra fat to his P+C meal. There’s certainly room in one’s daily diet for both an oatmeal and egg white meal (add splenda, cinnamon, and/or low calorie syrup to kick the tastiness factor up a notch) and a big fat whole egg omlette packed with veggies. I eat both of these every single day.

That said, thanks for that info debunking cholesterol hysteria, ZEB.

It looks like you’re actually only letting about 9g of pro. The egg yolk contains roughly half of the protien in an egg, so when you throw it out, your whites give you about 3 g each.

browncy, why don’t you use egg whites in a carton? That’s what I use in my oatmeal and shakes. It’s a lot easier than separating eggs and cheaper in the long run.

Plus, I think the egg whites in the carton are pre-pasturized, while the eggs in the shell are probably rife with salmonella. Wouldn’t want to under-cook THAT oatmeal.

Dan “mmm… salmonella” McVicker

there are 6 grams of protein per egg.
1/2 of the protein is in the white, and the other 1/2 is in the yolk.

If you fish out the yolk, there will only be 9 grams of protein in your 3 egg whites.

One egg which contains 6 g of protein will yield 3.5 g of protein in its yolk.

By using the shell to scoop out the yolks, you run a good chance of salmonella…as the outside of the shells are exposed due to how chickens are raised…ditch the shells and use a spoon unless you like bacteria…most egg shells are literally covered with chicken shit as they come from the farm and the shells may be “washed” but not disinfected.

So how much oatmeal do you use, and what is the number of carbs, fat, protein, and fiber is in this meal?

it’s easier to break the egg in your hand and let the white fall through your fingers :wink:

Alright, thanks for the recommendations. I will no longer use the egg shells to scoop out the yolks. And I didn’t realize that half of the protein was in the yolk. Maybe we can sill cheat Massive Eating guidelines a little bit by keeping about 1 or 2 yolks in there, given the fact that you are more insulin sensitive in the morning and therefore can get away with cheating a little better than compared to the evening.

ZEB, thanks for the info on cholesterol… that’s good eye-opening stuff.

Hey browncy,

just made your egg and oatmeal combo, although I altered it a bit for my taste. I used the egg in the carton(25g protein, 5g of fat in whole container), 1 cup of oatmeal, half a cup of water, 1 teaspoon of vanilla and a dash of cinnamon prior to cooking. I stirred it up and then cooked it in the micro for almost 3minutes and 30 seconds until the egg was cooked and it was almost a paste. After cooking, I add another dash of cinnamon and a dash of Splenda. It was very good, however, it made a huge meal that my wife and I had to split. Thanks for the sugguestion. Boom#80

You can buy egg whites in cartons now. No need to buy eggs just to throw away half of them. T-mag reviewed one brand a long time ago and gave them the thumbs up.

BTW the meal I egg and oatmeal kinda tasted like french toast to my wife and I.

Hmm. I guess that means its going to be much better with a few pats of butter and 1/4 cup of maple syrup. :wink:

Anyone tried the cinnamon flavored Flax Oil? Picked some up at Whole Foods last week but I have not tried it yet…seems perfect to add to the meal you describe…and I agree that some cinnamon and splenda make a great addition…

good stuff… i added 3 egg whites, 1 whole egg, and one slice of real cheese… i thought almost all of an eggs protein was in the yolk?

I think its 1/2 the protein but all the vitamins and minerals.