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Egged My Truck


So, I go out to my truck today and saw some dumbass threw 1 egg at it and it splattered all over the driver's side of the bed. WTF? I guess they missed the Glock sticker on the back window.


Interrogate your neighbours. Who saw what? Where were you? What time did you arrive home? Do you have anyone to corroborate that? Do you have a teenager in the house? Show me the eggs you have in the house so I can compare them to the one thrown. No I'm not a cop and I don't have a search warrant I have this! (Brandishing .45 GAP menacingly)


You mean stickers don't protect trucks from eggs?

Damn. My whole world is collapsing.


I know one thing for sure: If you find out who threw that 1 egg, you should definitely shoot them.


Leave your truck parked in your driveway and stakeout your own house for weeks on end from another vehicle parked in the street. Whenever anyone walks past your house jump out of your vehicle in a dishevelled state, reeking of body odour and black coffee and advise them that you intend to strip search them for eggs. Anyone who questions your authority is obviously guilty and involved in some way. Punish accordingly.


I'm gonna get a sticker made out of this picture to protect my car. Anybody who isn't scared of a special boats crew sticker is too badass to exact revenge upon anyways.


This thread is relevant to my interests.


Which came first, the chicken or the egg?



Neither, in the beginning there was nothing and then God created Adam, whose rib was used to create Eve...


actually, it is the chicken. Scientists found that inorder for the egg to have been created (the egg shell more specifically) you would first need a chicken type animal capable of producing the protien chain needed to create an eggshell.... They discovered that while trying to understand that protien because it combines with CO and CO2 to make an eggshell...

the more you know!


Then where did the first chicken come from?


a genetic mutation which cuased an animal (later a chicken) to give birth to its young in eggs... you cant make an egg without a chicken's ability to make the egg, but an animal can evolve to make an egg without coming from one.


Ah, interesting.


my hens just stopped laying. Any suggestions? Seriously.


  1. Acquire copious amounts of ammo
  2. Kill all your neighbors
  3. ???
  4. Profit


Ha. You guys are awesome. I really didn't think this thread would go anywhere. I wish they'd egged it today. I saw the Hooters girls washing cars in bikinis.


.45 ACP actually. Finding ammo is enough of a hassle. I didn't want to have to find GAP.


This is hilarious.


Egging or trucks?

because if it is the former i think we have found the culprit!


How old?

Stew might be a good solution.