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Egg Yolk Lecithin

Anyone know where I can get egg yolk lecithin powder or granules? I want to incorperate it in my diet. I’m currently using soy lecithin granules but not sure if it still has the same effects as soy protein. I’ve only been able to find egg yolk capsules, but want the powder or granules to put on my food.

Lecithin is lecithin…soy lecithin granules are just fine…there is no estrogenic soy compounds in soy lecithin (unlike the soy protein). The soy lecithin is safe and one of the few good soy products…Heb

Are you sure about that? I’ve been using the soy lecithin as well and was wondering the same thing. I was also curious of your thoughts of soy sauce, tamari sauce and miso. These are soy based products as well, but I use them extensively for food flavouring and for their sodium to make sure I don’t become hyponatremic from sweating so much. Are these products ok as well?

Yes…soy lecithin is safe…this was mentioned a while back in T-mag…by Shugart, I believe and also said soy sauce is safe…but not familiar with tamari or miso. Soy based vegatable oil, thouugh not the best choice in cooking oils, is also safe from the bad soy isoflavones. The estrogenic soy isoflavones are contained in soy based protein products and whole soy foods only. Soy lecithin is a good supplement and enjoy your soy sauce.

I think that it is important to remember that soy is not poison guys. While getting 40% of your dietary intake from soy protien is proven to be testosterone killing, a little soy sauce or some tofu in your stir fry is not going to give you bitch tits. Balance is the key.