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Egg Whites

Cut a long story short, I was wondering what a good replacement for egg whites are. The diet I’m on now to build miscle states 250 mL in the breakfast meal (along with other stuff) and pre-bed meal (also, along with other foods).

It’s a Berardi diet and although I don’t want to change it, I do not want to waste all of these yolks and spend a fortune on eggs.

As I think the money from 10 eggs morning and 10 eggs at night would be expensive and a massive waste yolks, I am wondering if anyone knows of a good replacement / substitute.

Any comments welcome.

P.S I live in Australia so I can’t buy egg whites over the net (I don’t think!).


How about, instead of 10 whites at breakfast and 10 whites at bed time you do 5 whole eggs at breakfast and 5 whole eggs at bed time.

You get just as much protein, and extra fat and calories, which has to be a good thing as you are looking to build muscle. Plus you waste nothing and use half the ammount of eggs…

Or some combination of whole eggs and whites: i.e. 3x whole and 2 whites. Happy medium in terms of total number of eggs used and calories in.



Quote from another forum:

[quote] "Here in Perth, Western Australia I just drop into the local egg wholesalers and pick up cartons of egg whites. Just like a carton of milk but it has approximately 45 egg whites in each 950ml carton. Great! And considering say, 3 dozen eggs (36 eggs) costs about $12 AU, and a carton of 45 egg whites costs under $3 it’s a great alternative (although you dont get the BIG calorie intake without the yolks).

Might be worth scoping out your area to see if you got an egg wholesaler." [\quote]

Prob worth checking if there are any wholesalers in your area.


Protip: Eggs are one of, if not THE cheapest source of protein you’ll find. You spend WAY more for Beaters or any kind of preseperated white than you do for whole eggs, regardless of whether you use the yolks or not.

36 eggs is something like three dollars where I shop. About the price of a half-pound of lean beef.

Liquid egg whites dude. They’re in the organic section of supermarkets and any natural store would have them. They have omega 3s tossed into them as well. They’re incredibly easy to cook and relatively cheap. Peace