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Egg Whites


For those of you in Canada, where can I buy plain egg whites????

Seems to be a waste always dumping out the yolk........




You can get them at most grocery stores. They come in little cartons. There's usually two types : the omega-3 enhanced and the normal.



I mean in bulk.....


Do they have them in the US too? I've never seen them in grocery stores.


Have you tried Costco?


Egg-Beaters and Scramblers are two brands of egg-white products available all over the damn place.


Yes Costco I've checked and couldn't find.... i'll search again to make sure.....


Why by plain egg whites when they cost 10x more than regular eggs? You can get an egg white separator to separate your eggs, and it takes less than five seconds to separate them if you do not brake the yolk.


Here's 2 examples of an egg white separators:




Do you mean actual egg whites with added DHA? Typically the yolks of "omega-3 eggs" contain this.



Costco has them in the dairy section next to the milk, in a big yellow box (at least in MD and PA). As far as being expensive, they cost $6.45 per box, which contains 6 1-pound containers. $1.07 a pound sounds like a great deal to me...


Hey dude I'm in canada and yes you can get them at costco it's cheaper than getting them at the grocerie store.


Yaaaaa in Costco they are called Simply Egg Whites. Well at least the ones I've seen are called that. They probably have other brands or something too.