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Egg whites

How does everyone take there egg whites.
I have since the beginning taken them raw !! YOu know you get those containers which are just egg whites. Taste just like salt water. I just buy them and drink them.
Some people have told me that this method can make me sick. But I’ve never been sick because of taken them raw.
Are they supposed to be cooked? BUt doesnt cooking them make the egg lose most of its properties cause the albumens protein molecule distorts or something?/
Would realy appreciate if anyone has some info on this


T-mag posted a study a while back that said that you only get half of the protein from raw eggs. You have to cook them to utilize all the protein. See the “Essential Berardi” article.

Uh, raw eggs? Besides being rather icky, also not good to consume. You DO have to cook them - just slightly, if you prefer the taste of a raw, gooey egg sliding down your throat. But I don’t just use egg whites, I prefer whole eggs.

Do read Barardi's article - it explains the benefits of whole eggs.

Raw eggs contain a protien caled Avidin(sp?) that block the absorbtion of the vitamin Biotin , so can make your hair fall out

Man drinking those egg whites prepackaged that you are talking about gives me the most disgusting gas I have ever had. The type that lingers for days on ends. I have cleared many of rooms with those. I quit drinking them from the embarrasement. Do you not have this problem drinking them raw???