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Egg Whites: Why are We Not Eating the Entire Egg?

I was noticing some references to eating egg whites. Now I know years ago the leading school of thought was that eggs were high in cholesterol, therefore bad for your blood cholesterol levels. That of course was totally disproved and eggs are in no why a cause of high cholesterol levels. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/02/160211083044.htm (don’t fry them in trans fats)

Is there another reason that so many throw away the best part of the egg? They are such a perfect protein source. I am always looking to learn.

Most people I know are not throwing anything away. They are buying egg white cartons. There is nothing wrong with eggs but, sometimes the fat in the eggs does not fit the macros.

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Well here’s one thing I obviously didn’t understand just how low on fat some take it. I wouldn’t have thought the 5 grams was that significantlive. live and learn.

Cutting out that 5 grams of fat you also cut out every other significant nutrient. Other than protein. you count out the vitamin A, calcium, D, B12, b6 almost all of them are in the yolk

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5 grams would not make a big difference, but some of these guys eat 10-12 eggs at time. That bumps it up to 50- 60 grams.


Making eggs whites the equal of a high quality protein powder. And relatively cheap. Seems like as good a reason as any

This exactly. I’m a whole egg eater for 80% of the year. A couple months out of the year I like to try and shred up. When I’m doing this egg whites are my best friend because I can be full, hit my protein requirements and save quite a few calories using straight egg whites. As others have said, people typically aren’t throwing yolks out, just buying egg whites in the carton.

You guys really educated me on this one. I was wondering what the heck are they doing. I mean you certainly could use the nutrients in the entire egg. And you can, just not when you’re cutting down that last 1% of body fat. Something’s got to be cut out

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I eat the entire egg last night I scrambled 8 eggs some sliced ham and throw in some cheese while scrambling taste great.

I eat it all too…ummm egg that is :joy:

I will go with 3 whole eggs and 3 egg whites, for no other reasons than macros and calories. One thing I notice when eating whole eggs is how full I feel for a long time.

Example in the morning I need 25 protein, carbs and no fat. I’d rather have a cup of egg whites and oatmeal than a scoop of protein powder for protein. When I want good fats I’ll certainly have the entire egg, but as its already been mentioned even 5g fats and extra calories doesn’t always fit. Additionally I don’t know anyone on here would who would eat only one egg, at least 2-4. So now you’re talking 10-20g fat that doesn’t always fit the bill.

if you ever eat less than 6 eggs in one go you’re a pussy!

Throwing away your yolks’ll leave you deficient in choline

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Having your hunger satisfied for a longer time is typical of something with more nutrients in it, particularly fats. Your body does have a clue

I used to wonder the same thing about people who don’t eat the yolks. I was under the impression that’s where all the good stuff is…even the fats. But once I started trying to get really lean, I realized why whites can be preferable.

25 calories per 3 tablespoons with a decent amount of protein. Good for hardcore dieting.

We do eat whole eggs because the yolk of the has much fat in it. Eating eggs, white and yolk are a bad idea for people who are trying to lose weight, but good idea for people who are up to shape up muscles.

If you are using eggs whites as basically a protein power yes. As basic food no. They are not a high fat food. They have just enough fat to satisfy your hunger. The yolk has almost as much protein in the as the egg white. But the yolk has close to 100% of all the rest of an eggs nutrients in it. You give up far too much and gain very little by going to eggs whites. But if you are cutting a nutritional loss must happen. But it is only for a short time. As a long term weight loss diet, cutting out the yolks is not a good idea at all. You need a certain amount of food and few things have more solid food value per calorie than an eggs yolk. Not eating the Omega-3 fatty acids in the eggs is a mistake, if you are on a long term weight loss diet

The best-tasting scrambled eggs I ever made was a recipe from America’s Test Kitchen that actually had you get rid of one egg’s worth of whites. I think it was 8 eggs total, one with no whites. Delicious.

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Another great reason to leave out a yolk.

Like a few guys mentioned above, you cant really compare the white to the yolk… The egg yolk is a great source of fat and a healthy one at that. But if your protein requirement is 40 grams for a meal, you cant go and have all yolks bc then the fat content will be too high for 1 meal (unless you can handle that, then god bless you ! lol).

I definitely wouldn’t compare egg whites to protein powder for the simple fact that protein powder (although is a great source and has extremely high Bio Availability) is mixed with flavoring, coloring and sweeteners, where as an egg white is an egg white and nothing else…

I eat 10 egg whites at break fast plus a few ounces of grilled chicken. If I was to eat only eggs as my source of protein I’d be at around 12-15 egg whites. If i included the yolks, well thats an added 60 grams of fat and 540 calories!!!