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Egg Whites: Raw or Cooked?


RAW OR COOKED how do you have yours?
is there any nutritional difference?

is it unhealthy to eat more than a certain number a day? there cheap and full of protein!

im a student so the budgets not that vast!


Ingesting a lot of (I've read 20 per day, but be careful) RAW egg WHITES ONLY can lead to biotin deficiency due to a glycoprotein called avidin, which binds to biotin.

If you cook your egg whites, or if you eat whole eggs, the problem is solved.

Whole eggs are also cheap. And the yolk is great for people who lift weights.



Eating raw whites is probably fine, but in the midst of a nationwide salmonella-related egg recall, I wouldn't do it.

Google Rose Acre Farms. You can buy ten pounds of dehydrated egg whites directly from the farm. Will last you months, or longer. Rehydrate in water and cook. Or blend into a shake and drink. Just don't try to put them in a shaker cup or you'll be left with a disgusting sludge. I speak from experience.


There are also lots of egg threads here. In the T-cell, the hungry4more thread turns eggy and there is a thread called is it safe to eat eggs raw.

No need for this one.


There is 100% no reason to eat whites raw, except for saving time if you blend them in a shake or some other means of consumption w/out cooking.

Also, whites bind to biotin via avidin only when the two (biotin from food or supplemental form & avidin from egg whites) are in the GI tract simultaneously.

Thus if you ate whites (with yolks always preferable, except again for another situation that proves convenient) at one time of the day, and you ate some other biotin containing meal 4+ hrs. apart, you wouldn't likely develop a biotin deficiency of which I am aware, unless avidin is unbeknownst to me has the power to kill the bacteria in your intestine that make biotin, or otherwise hinder their ability to contribute to the support and function said bacteria.


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Eggs, whole and cooked always but served boiled, Spanish omelet or sometimes sunny side up, scrambled. Used to eat just the egg whites but switched to whole eggs the last two months. I think I'm getting about 7 to 10 per day.


I don't know if it is related to biotin but raw egg white can lead also to B-12 deficiency.


Uh, i don't think so. Do you have a reference?


I stand corrected. Thanks, bulletprooftiger!


No specific reference but my nutritionist that has a Ph D. told me that !

Maybe not to B-12 deficiency but lack of B-12 absorption.


He probably just misspoke


right, my english is not perfect, I'm french canadian !