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Egg Whites Cooked?


hey, i usually cook a cup of egg whites in the morning for my first meal.

Now that i work really early i have been putting them in a blender with fruit and a protein scoop.
Is there any benefit/disadvantage between eating them raw vs. cooked?


You won't get salmonella? lol


Raw egg whites contain a substance, "avidin", that blocks absorption of vitamin B6.


I think you will be fine, as someone pointed out about B6 being blocked, everything has B6, so unless you have a condition that invovles B6, I wouldn't worry.

Especially since I am assuming these egg whites are from a carton you buy at the store.


Yes, they are from the carton. Even on the back of the carton it shows a recipe to make a shake out of them.


if they are in a carton and pasteurized, there is no difference, other than a preservative or 2.


Only about half their protein content is absorbed when uncooked.

It was mentionned in one of John Berardi articles or comments but he didn't have the article on hand. (That dates back to the early days of T-Nation)

I looked on pubmed and found the article and it is in fact true that bioavailability of uncooked egg white protein is about 50% of cooked egg white protein (didn't mention the yolk component)

The Simply Egg White boxes that I used to drink on the go weren't as attractive as a source of cheap protein anymore.

Hope this help.



Unless you are shitting water or have major gas after drinking raw eggs (pasteurized) then it's being digested just fine.



GI distress is not a measure of bioavailability.


Avidin blocks biotin,not B6,which can cause brittle nail,hair loss,and skin problems.