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Egg Whites and Oats Post Workout


would there be a loss of gains/progress if you where to change a post workout shake of whey hydrolysate/isolates to a meal of egg whites and oats with both having the same calories and macros?


No, there should not be.


Why would there be a loss if the calories and macros were the same?
(Unless your body doesn't process eggs and oats well, obviously)
Post workout shakes, or any supplement for that matter, are just that: supplements.
They are designed to SUPPLEMENT your normal diet.
They aren't technically "necessary" but are VERY convenient.


No. You don't have to be fooled into thinking that if you don't slug down a shake minutes after your last set and instead drive home, shower, and eat a meal that your gains will be less than if you had the magic shake in the magic anabolic window.


cool, i was just concerned with absorption rates wheather nutrients wouldn't be deliver quickly enough with the whole food.
i feel better with whole food compared to shakes


This is not something to worry about.


since your handle is tryn2gain might i suggest washing down those eggwhites and oats with the aforementioned protein shake


This. The more experience I gain the less I believe in the pre/post workout thing. I guess if everything else is in place then one could start to worry about optimizing little things like this and squeeze a little bit of extra progress out of these details but, until such time, hitting macros is, I think, by far the most important thing. Think 80/20.


Semi x2 on this.
Why egg whites OP?
Don't be scared of the yolks.


I do 2-3 egg yolks with my 14-16 whites usually. OP definitely could use the calories it seems in the yolks so down em all OP.

And as far as pre/post workout, I find those to be helpful... I drink my protein with some form of instant glycogen before and right after my workouts. Then I eat when I get home as well. I find it helps.


dont worry gents i usually get 4-6 whole eggs a day. i just wanted to keep the fat lower after a workout


Whilst it may help to have that shake I think it's a marginal difference

I recall reading that there are plenty of proteins in the system if you eat enough anyway so it's all there, the shake may help a bit and so over years it may make a bit of a difference but total food is the key, anyway I'd think your approach is fine

As an aside I've also read posts of people who seem to take pride in having no supps which is ok but why not take advantage of a shake if you can, the egg and oats is fine though

On whole eggs why not eat them and then manage calories elsewhere in the diet if concerned? Always seems like a waste of eggs to me, that's all!


Supplements are unneeded for 99% of the gym population. Food will always be better. There are undiscovered things in food that make it better