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Egg White Protein Sizes

How much protein are in different sizes of egg whites?

I know a large seperated eggwhite has 3.5 grams of protein.


2/3 of a whole egg is the egg white.
10.2% of the egg white is protein.

Egg sizes wt
Jumbo 70 g and up
Extra Large 64-69 g
Large 56-63 g
Medium 49-55 g
Small 42-48 g
PeeWee 35-41 g

Calculated egg white protein example:
52g x 2/3 x 10.2% = 3.536 g or 3.5 grams

Egg size egg white protein range
Jumbo 4.760 g and up
Extra Large 4.352-4.692 g
Large 3.808-4.284 g
Medium 3.332-3.740 g
Small 2.856-3.264 g
PeeWee 2.380-2.788 g