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Egg White Cartons


Quick question-

Can you drink the egg-whites in the egg-white carton straight up?

It's funny that I never noticed that these egg-white cartons existed, and spotted them today in the grocery store.

Apparently you can get about 25 grams of protein by downing a small carton of this stuff.

Is it a good idea to drink several of these cartons a day, or is there some kind of health concerns here?

They still seem like a really convenient option for cooking purposes, but I'm wondering if I can just down these things straight from the carton.



Yes they are pasturized (sp) but one thing to remember the whites of eggs are supposed to be more readily digested and bioavailable when cooked where as the yolks are said to be better Not.

I have just popped the top on them and Microwaved the entire container.


Then how do you get it out?


Ive had the egg whites in a carton, taste different then actually putting eggs on the stove. I didnt like it.


I was wondering the same thing, but I think this video cleared it up.



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