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Lately the egg consumption has come from egg salad. My method of preparation is very bland. Whole (hb) eggs and light mayo. Boring!

Anybody out there have some ideas on how to liven up the egg salad?

Gotta keep that egg protein coming…

why dont you toss in a little grey poupon mustard,some chopped pickle,salt and peper ummm tastes like deviled eggs…

Hot Sauce. I like Crystal, it goes with everything.

Hey I mix the eggs with any one of the following: cottage cheese, sour cream, half mayo and some flax oil.
Then spice it up with some of the following, cayenne, paprika, poultry seasoning, dill salt, pepper, garlic italian seasoning. you goota play with it to find out what you like.

Chopped celery.

Are there any decent tasting options for mayo?

I like to mix it with Miracle-Whip lite instead of Mayo.

Try some curry powder, if you like it. If you’re not following JB’s dietary protocols, add some raisins as well.

Dig up Rumbach’s “Let’s get cooking” thread, and find the mayo recipes.

I would add celery, onions, capers, pickles (or cucumbers), and red bell peppers.