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Egg Recipes

In keeping with the theme of recipes…Eggs. One of my favorites is one I picked up from my last girlfriend. Chili Quilles. There are several recipes out there, but here is a simple one. Cut up 3 corn tortillas into strips about 1/2" wide. Heat a pan on the stove and add 1/2-1 TB of Smart Balance Oil, or just spray the pan with pam. Saute’ the corn tortillas over medium heat till semi-crispy. Season with salt/pepper. Crack two whole omega-3 eggs over the tortillas and stir with a wooden spoon or spatula, cooking evenly. Slide onto plate and add salsa. I like adding 1/2 TB of green chili sauce and 1 tsp of ketchup. 15 Pro, 36 Carb, 11 fat (or 18-25fat, if you use the healthy oil). Add a protein drink and your set. You can also add some cooked lean ground beef or steak. I know this isn’t exactly true bodybuilding food, but hey its better than going out for a burger or ordering pizza. I use this when I don’t know what to eat, and I’m tired of everything else. It saves me from cheating bad.

Hey, Bodz, cool recipe, I’ll have to test out my culinary skills. Actually, I’m not posting in response to this post of yours, but one from a few days back, which was posted by Lipo about Target LBM. I had asked a quick question but it must have got thrown on the back burner. So if you wouldn’t mind addressing it real quick I’d appreciate it.

You had given an equation of sorts for a person to get a general idea of a target LBM and used Nate Dogg as an example. You said to add/subtract 7 lbs per inch. Now, you for a 6’ individual–which would be 2" taller than Lipo–I figured you’d add 14 lbs to the 180 lb target LBM that you gave for a 5’10" person. Is that correct? So, at 6’ and 7%BF, you’d be looking at 194 lbs LBM and scale weight of about 208. Does that sound about right, Bodz? Thanks for any input, big guy. And as always, I enjoy the posts and look forward to many more great ones to come!

Timbo, you got it, you mathematical stud you. Yeah, it is a very realistic formula for most people.

Bodz…Yeh, they are great. I lived in Mexico City for three years, and ate them at least three times/week.

Bodz: Got a recipe for a hot, phytochemical rich Salsa, or do you use a pre-made/pre-packaged one? (There really are some good ones out there ,I hear, but you have to search).

Math’s always been a strong point in my academic arsenal, Bodz;-) Thanks for the pat on the back and the reassurance. I have to mention again how much I enjoy your posts…I often get more out of the news posts than from the paper itself! And your training/nutrition posts are just too sweet!

Timbo, thanks bro. Mufasa, my Mom’s recipe for chili. Take Jalepenos, tomatoes, red onions…dice them or put in food processor. Add chopped fresh cilantro. simple. If you want hotter, bbq the jalepenos first and put into a brown paper bag. close the bag, wait about 1/2 hour, then peel the peppers. then do the recipe. I’d put on some rubber gloves or put some baggies on your hands first, it’ll fry your skin and you’ll be up all night. Or you can just process it whole, the burnt skin adds a good flavor. You can also char them on an open flame on the stove or lay them on the coil burner and just move them around. Use tongs or a long bbq fork.

If you want a more mild recipe, she uses “Fresno” chiles. We have a variety that grows here. It is somewhere between a bell pepper and a jalepeno.