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Egg Protein

As of now I’m using ON whey during the day and Casein before bed. Should I be adding in some egg protein during the day? If so should I mix it with the whey in the same shake, or substitue egg for whey in one or two shakes during the day?

What is your rational for wanting to do this?

I find egg protein powders to be nasty and would rather eat eggs.

Agreed. Egg protein is great, but get it directly from eggs. I’d leave the shakes alone and try to work a good egg or egg-white omelete into breakfast (or lunch, or dinner, or whenever, depending on schedule and your training/diet goals).

I rotate between an spinach egg omelete and a breakfast burrito. I love me eggs, but by the weekend I need a break from them.

Yah I highly doubt you need to add another protein powder in there! But by al means cook up some eggs whenever you need a fix!