Egg Protein PWO? ZMA Absorption?

I’m pondering switching to egg white protein powder post-workout from my current 40 grams of whey. Does anyone see any issue with this, is it much worse that whey or casein?

I am looking to do this because I usually take my post-workout shake at around 7:50pm, I get home at around 8:30 pm, eat some dinner, and then usually have to get to bed at 9:45 or so in order to make sure I wake up at 5am daily for my job. I usually take my ZMA before bed, but I figure any calcium in my dinner or still being digested from the post-workout shake might interfere with the zinc absorption, so I’m mainly trying to figure out a way to get ZMA into my schedule at a time when I don’t have any calcium in my system and at an empty stomach.

Any thoughts?

I’d worry more about getting in solid postworkout nutrition then about zma being absorbed properly, you’ll grow a hell of a lot more from having the first sorted compared to the latter!

[quote]letshavepaneer wrote:
Any thoughts?


Yes, you are spending too much time worrying about minutia.

If you’re that worried about getting all of your ZMA, just take it another time of the day.