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Egg Protein Powder


Since I don't eat dairy, I was wondering if anybody here has used/tried Egg White Protein Powders, or Dried Egg Whites for their shakes. Positives, Negatives?

I use only a whole foods diet now, which has been supreme for body composition, but it does make putting together a workout shake pretty hard. Egg White Protein Powders are pretty much my only option.

Any thoughts would be more than appreciated.


I buy a 25 lb custom mix from TP and usually make about 10% per pound egg white protein, you can always try doing that.


Thanks for the suggestion, I'll check out the pricing and everything. I just wanted to make sure nobody has had any horrific experiences with it, which I didn't think would be the case.

Also, has anybody tried Hemp Protein? Apparently both Hemp and Egg protein are absorb much more efficiently by the body.


hemp portein is both disgusting and (from what i have seen) not cost:protein effective


I have been using the Rose Acre egg-white powder for several years. Mixes very easily and is pure. Has long shelf life.


I have used hemp protein, occasionally. Most often hid in my boyz saturday morning pancakes.
2 tbsp has 15 grams of protein, and 8 grams of fiber (North Coast Naturals brand). Not very good tasting.


Good to know, thanks for the feedback from all of you. Picked up some egg white protein today, might eventually branch out to the hemp, but it doesn't sound to enticing right now ha.


I have had two diff types of egg white, one was a miz w/ milk and the the other was now brand. Former was good, the latter didnt mix and tasted awful.

Gemma pea protein is the best vegetarian protein IMO.

I was having trouble with whey for awhile so I switched it up a lot in that time. Solgar's whey and MAG-10 are ok on the stomach though.

Never tried beef isolate but they have that now as well.