Egg Protein Facts?

Hello all,
I recently switched my whey to egg protein, and while both types made claims about their products next to the nutrition info, the egg protein’s statements seemed a little all too good. I was hoping you guys could read them and tell if the protein is all the its cracked up to be.

"*fact- Since we originated Healthy N’ Fit 100% Egg protein, no one has introduced a higher quality, more effective muscle building protein
*fact- The protein effciency ration (P.E.R) is reowned, proven scientific method which determines the quality of protein and how it affects growth

(then it says this protein has a higher number than any other protein)

*fact0 Net protein utilization is also a proven scientific method which determines the percentage of protein we ingest that can actually be used for growth

*fact- egg protein is considered the most nearly perfect source of protein because its amino acid pattern most nearly matches that needed for human growth

*fact- the most logical choice for buidling muscle is (this protein)

Nutrition info:
0g Total Fat (Sat and Unsat)
0g Chos
260mg sodium
0g Carbs
24g Protein

These comments seemed too good to be true…are they? Isn’t whey supposed to be the best?
Thanks for your help and the people who actually bothered to read my long post

Egg was the benchmark as far as biological value at 100. Then whey came along with a 104. As far as efficiency ratio I think whey wins again. Healthy and fit is very good stuff however.

IMO the best is a variety of blends. Mix some of your egg with some high quality whey and add some cottage cheese and you’re golden.