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Egg/Milk Protein VS Whey

I tried some Eclipse brand Egg and Milk protein the other day and it was really good. My question is regarding the pros and cons of Milk and Egg protein vs Whey. Can anyone clarify the differences? Thanks

Think I found my answer here (where else but the T-Mag site… duh).

But if you do have comments please post them. Thanks again ! ! !

Whey is supposed to be “quick digesting” and should be used when the muscles are primed for amino acid (protein is just a chain of amino acids - like bricks in a wall) absorption. These times tend to be during the workout (so you drink it an hour before) and after the workout (so you drink it right after the workout). Most whey takes about an hour for the aminos to get into the blood and then only stay there for about an hour before they’re metabolised.

All other animal sources tend to be “slow-digesting”. This means that it takes at least an hour before the aminos start entering the blood, but they leak into the blood much more slowly, lasting several hours. We eat slow digesting proteins for 3 reasons. It activates glucagon (a signal to burn energy stores). The aminos are in the blood in case the muscles need them (since they heal for a few days after working out). Finally, if there are aminos in the blood, the body won’t have to catabolize (eat) muscle protein if there is a shortage of protein anywhere else (muscle is pretty low on the body’s list of importance).

I would also recommend reading Berardi’s “solving the post-workout puzzle” articles. Heck, read all his articles - they’re really good.